Fantastic! We are thrilled by your interest in becoming a Craftcation Assistant! This volunteer position is an awesome way to attend the Craftcation Conference – especially if you’re on a budget!  In exchange for volunteering your time as a Craftcation Assistant, you will be able to register and attend classes for FREE on the days/times that you are not volunteering! This applies to all Assistant Departments.


We have a ton of opportunities where you can volunteer your time.  As part of the Application process, you’ll be able to weigh-in on your preferred department. Of course, we’ll take these preferences into consideration and will do our best to assign you to the department of your liking. However, we ask that you remain flexible as we may need to assign you elsewhere due to the needs of the conference.

NOTE: Beginning in 2019, all Assistants will be assigned to serve at one meal in addition to their department assignments. These time slots will be assigned as we get closer to the conference dates.


Preparation and set up for the conference, unpacking boxes and organizing supplies, assembling decorations and getting everything ready.  This assignment requires a larger time commitment, BUT then you get to enjoy the whole conference. NOTE: This shift fills up the fastest.


Meal preparation is at a close-by off-site location, and involves mostly chopping and mixing. Serving meals will be a part of this department as well.


This department is in charge of setting up and breaking down off campus tours, workshops, activities. This is a great department for folks who will have their own transportation and/or Ventura locals who cannot volunteer for PreCon.


Setting up craft classes with supplies, checking folks in, cleaning up, etc. This area also fills up quickly.


You will be helping presenters in the business classes with things like running Power Point presentations and passing out pamphlets.


NOTE: This year, every volunteer must serve one meal. These shifts will be assigned at the event.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday* – April 1 – April 3  (10am – 4pm)
  • Wednesday & Thursday – April 3 – April 4  (9am – 5pm)
  • Thursday & Friday – April 4 – April 5  (9am – 5pm)
  • Friday & Saturday – April 5 – April 6  (9am – 5pm)
  • Saturday & Sunday – April 6 – April 7  (9am – 5pm)

*This shift block is for PreCon only.


Craftcation Assistant assignments will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. You may be asked to help in a different area that you were originally assigned the day of the conference if we have a need.

While we are happy to waive the price of your ticket in exchange for your time, please note that we DO NOT PROVIDE ACCOMMODATIONS. We suggest sharing a room with a friend (or three) to keep those costs down. If you are traveling solo, be sure to check out and join our Craftcation Alumni Community on Facebook to meet other attendees. People are always looking for roommates!

Craftcation Assistant Applications are open from August 1 – March 15.

All Craftcation Assistants must agree to the Terms and Conditions in THIS document.

If all that sounds good to you, then use the form below to submit your application!


You must press SUBMIT for your answers to be sent. A screen will then appear in place of the form on this same page that tells you that your application has been submitted successfully.

If there are any issues with your form submission, email

Thank you so much for helping make this an amazing experience! Let’s make this the best Craftcation ever!

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