“It was amazing and awesome and the BEST PLANNED event I have ever attended and I have been to quite a few. If they opened registration for next year now I would not eat the rest of the month so I could sign up. OK, maybe not to that extreme, but you get the picture.”

“Craftcation is the BEST conference I’ve ever attended. It’s rare to find an environment that’s simultaneously welcoming and nurturing, but that’s exactly how I would describe my time in Ventura. I took business classes that were packed full of valuable information, chatted with other bloggers who were honest and insightful, and best of all, met passionate and talented makers.”

“Even though I have an established business, I got SO much info from Craftcation. The presenters and attendees were approachable and the advice was right-on. I’m an introvert and I was astounded by how down-to-earth and inclusive this group is. I have finally found my community and I’m not letting go.”

“I was REALLY nervous to come to my first Craftcation on my own but I’m SO glad I took the risk. It way exceeded my expectations. I created meaningful friendships, crafted my heart out and got business skills that I’m already putting into practice. There’s no way I’m missing Craftcation next year.”

“Last year was my first Craftcation (it’s been on my to-do list for five years). I was anxious about attending alone but I got so much more out of it than I could have dreamed of. I left with new best friends, crafty skills and so much business info. Everyone was so inviting and friendly. It’s worth every penny (and then some). I can’t wait to come back.”

“At Craftcation, I met cool people and folks were so welcoming of outsiders, kind, and supportive. The schedule was full of options for entrepreneurship and creativity. I loved this event and would not hesitate to rebook! I can’t say how much the positivity of Craftcationers and the creative energy and opportunity to make stuff meant to me. I came home rejuvenated!”

“I’m a four-time Craftcation attendee. It’s my MUST-DO (and favorite week) EVERY SINGLE year. Creativity, authentic people, actionable business skills and the beach = the best! My only regret is that I missed the first few Craftcations. That will never happen again!”

“The welcoming sense of community at Craftcation is awesome. Then you have all the craft and business workshops plus you’re at the beach. I had really high expectations and I was not disappointed.”

“It has something for those that are wanting to simply embrace their craftiness and for those who have started a business and want to take it to the next level, it has something for everyone.”

“You bring together such amazing people and somehow every year I find myself connecting with many new friends, and deepening friendships I made in years past. I really never feel more me than I do these few days each year.”

“This is the most amazing event EVER! I left with tons of actionable information and enthusiasm about my business. I have never been surrounded by so many creative and supportive people in my life. SO worth it.”

“In just one day Craftcation has made me feel loved, empowered, and free. You’ve created such a safe place for people to just do and be and that is truly priceless.”

“Craftcation is by far the best makers conference we know of, or have attended. Everyone is so gracious and we have made so many friends that we keep in touch with on a regular basis, sharing tips, techniques and milestones in our businesses and lives.”

“This was the most wonderful event. I felt so invigorated and reinvested in my business. I knew I would have fun but I had no idea how much I would learn and how many fantastic business owners I would meet. If I had known all that I would learn I would have had no reservations about attending.”

“It’s super hard to explain to anyone why a grown woman would need to use up her vacation days to fly across the country to go crafting with a bunch of strangers. (….because I’m a grown woman and I do what I want?) That is, unless you’ve been to Craftcation.”

“We signed up for the conference with some uncertainty, not knowing if we should spend the money, if people would be friendly or social, what the quality of information would be like, but during the first lecture, we couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves for ever having had those thoughts. The efficiency with which everything was carried out, the amazing caliber of lecturers who conveyed their information so professionally, and were friendly and approachable, and the way that Delilah and Nicole made every attendee feel personally welcome and valuable … I have no words for. I eagerly await next year’s Craftcation. It bears repeating that it was PHENOMENAL!! Craftcation lost no momentum as the weekend progressed and I was inspired by the surroundings, people, and information … If you have the opportunity to attend Craftcation next year, don’t miss it!”

“Delilah and Nicole ignited a fire in many women who are eager to start or improve their crafty businesses. This event was impressively well organized and executed. It was incredible to be around like minded women. WOW! From the very first moment of being welcomed creativity flowed. Great business classes, sweet craft workshops, and simply meeting other like-minded people was refreshing and inspirational. There was much to be digested, absorbed, and celebrated.”

“I learned SOOOO much in just those few days. Honestly, there was so much to learn, so many amazing presenters, lots of like-minded people to share stories, lives and passions with … It hardly seems possible that by some magic we all came together for four days.”

“Once again thank you, thank you, thank you for a fantastic conference. I’ve already applied much of what I have learned and cannot wait to see how far I go until it comes around next year!”

“Every single one of you creative folks reading this right now should seriously mark your calendar for next March. I know it sounds like a bossy order, but you can thank me in person at the event next year. Craftcation is honestly one of the most amazing gatherings I have ever attended.”