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Automate Your Newsletter and Free Up Your Time

How many hours a week do you spend writing your newsletter? Maybe you don’t even send a newsletter to your customers because you’re “too busy” running the business. Are you paying for subscribers on an email list you’re not even using? In this workshop we’ll create an evergreen email newsletter using automation to connect with your customers and free you up from writing “weekly newsletters”. Learn how to write newsletters that get opened and get clicks, which metrics to watch, and how to set up a system so you never again have to worry about writing email newsletters.


Understand how to do your shop’s books, what to track, and how to build healthy, consistent bookkeeping habits. I’m sharing my best tips & tricks to get you motivated to actually look at those numbers each month! Bonus – if you *look* at your money, you’ll make more money!

Boost Your Story and Your Bottom Line

Get over imposter syndrome, get confident about what you have to offer and make the money you deserve. Time to stop minimizing your worth and learn to articulate your value and make it part of your personal brand. Get comfortable speaking about your achievements and talents so other people can talk about them too.

Branding Photography 101

Do you struggle with what to post on social media and constantly compare your feed to others that look prettier and more cohesive? I’m here to help! In this workshop I’ll show you how to create a ton of content that represents your brand and promote your business in a fun and innovative way.

Build & Grow a YouTube Channel Without Becoming a Dancing Monkey

Ever thought about starting a YouTube Channel? Join Elise as she walks you through step-by-step what is required to build & grow your YouTube Channel. You’ll learn how to start a new YouTube Channel AND how to fix your existing Channel (if it isn’t going as well as you’d hoped).

You will learn: The importance of Channel Set-up. How to handle Keywords & SEO on YouTube. The two types of video you should be sharing & why. How often to post.  When video editing is required (and when it isn’t). What other social media platforms can help you on YouTube.

Building a Second Brain with Notion


Learn how to build a second brain using Notion. In a world inundated with information, it’s hard to remember, keep track of, and organize meaningful activities and tasks in our personal and professional lives. Notion is a fantastic free knowledge capture tool that helps you do that. In this workshop, you’ll walk away knowing the basics of Notion, receive ideas for structuring your content, and get some design inspiration.

content planning without dread

You know you need to market your business, but you are SO burnt out on thinking about algorithms, trending music, and *sigh* video. What if you could develop a content plan that doesn’t fill you with dread? What if it could even be- *gasp* – FUN?!

In this workshop you’ll get guidance with what to say to your audience, and how often to say it. You’ll also get some nifty worksheets to help you map out the how, the when, and the why. We’ll cover how to leverage the same content across multiple channels, what types of content resonate with your audience, and create your very own editorial calendar for the coming month(s). And we’ll do this in a way that feels good and sustainable for YOU.

From a previous workshop attendee: “I feel like a HUGE weight has been taken off of me.”

Copywriting Roulette

So hiring a copywriter isn’t in your budget, but that doesn’t mean you miss out on having good copy for your website, emails, or marketing.

Introducing: Copywriting Roulette!
Much safer and more fun than any other types of roulette out there, this workshop helps you develop copy that resonates with your target customer, but it also reflects who you are, too.

You don’t have to be a Pulitzer-prize winning writer or a Spelling Bee champ to participate- you just need to have a very good grasp on who your target customer is, and be a team player.

Crafting Your Online Community: leveraging the TikTok and Instagram Algorithms for Success

As creatives, social media can be a challenge: If you’ve ever been frustrated by the following things, this workshop is for you: “I just spent hours on that post…why didn’t it do well?” Or “I’m tired of constantly thinking of new things to post” or finally, “how do I really connect with my ideal audience? Why haven’t they found me?” Together we will unlock the TikTok and Instagram Algorithms so you have a purposeful, personalized strategy that will leave you winning each and every time you post.

From posting times to hashtags to content strategy, engagement, and more, we will cover it all from the perspective of crafting and DIY content creation. You will leave this course with a weekly plan and endless tips and tricks to give your social media strategy direction and purpose. You’ll never wonder what to post again!

Create Your Content Plan

This will be an interactive session in which attendees will create their content plan for how they will show up to promote their businesses on social media. This will include:

– Creating your content themes
– Identifying the best way to show up consistently/authentically
– Creating a content planning, creation, and posting schedule

Easy Product Photos with a Smartphone

Need to improve your product photos for your website or online store? Join Marlo M. in this hand-on class and learn how to use your smartphone camera and a few photo editing apps to take fast and easy photos of your work!

In this class you’ll learn:
• The difference between good and great product photos
• How to use your smartphone camera to take crisp and clear photos
• How to use free photo editing apps to quickly improve the photos you take
• How to create photos with bright true-white backgrounds
• Easy workflows to improve the process of shooting, editing, and resizing images

Participants should have a smart phone, iPad, or other smart tablet that can download the apps Snapseed and PhotoRoom from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (IOS).

Email: The Untapped Business Booster

Email is often an underutilized revenue generating resource for small businesses but lets change that! I’ll go over four ways to make sure your email list is working for you while keeping your customers engaged and happy. I’ll discuss send strategy, content ideas, segmenting your list, and creating email flows. Attendees will walk away with 25 newsletter ideas and a plan so that you can make the most of the list you already have, continue to grow it, and generate more revenue in the process!

Executive Retreats: Creating the Space for Big Ideas

What is an executive retreat? It’s a fancy phrase I use when I take a few days to myself each quarter to reflect, recharge, and plan for the months ahead. In this session we will talk about the main components involved in an executive retreat and how you can work it into your own work schedule with as little as 4 hours per quarter. We will talk about the strategies I use to make the most of my time alone and how I break up the time to sync with my natural work flows. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and you will leave this workshop with a plan of action.

five ways to market your business without social media

Social media got you down? In this workshop, you’ll learn about using SEO, blogging, Pinterest (it’s a search engine!), email marketing, and local publicity & direct outreach to market your products and creative business.

how to create how-tos

Selling downloadable project tutorials or videos can be a great way to supplement your income. Your crafting experience level matters less than you think: what’s most important is how clearly you convey information. In this class, you’ll learn best-practices for making photo-based tutorials that are easy for your customers to understand. Class includes resources, tips and checklists for photography, videography, language, layout, pricing and selling on Etsy or a Shopify-based website.

Note: Illustration-based tutorials (e.g., sewing) are beyond the scope of this class; we’ll focus only on projects that can be taught through a series of photographs or by video.

How to Own the Smartphone with Social, Email, and Text

We’re living in a smartphone world. And your marketing efforts need to keep pace. You’ve got an amazing opportunity to reach customers regularly on a device they carry with them at all times. You can win by enhancing the customer experience by using social, email, and text in concert to drive engagement and sales.

Come to this keynote to find out:
– How each channel – social, email, text – works to move people closer to your business
– How to harness the strengths of each channel
– How to create a great experience that impacts your bottom line

Know Your Numbers - Beyond the Basics

Learn how successful product sellers look at their numbers and use them to grow their profit and work less. I’m sharing the key metrics, analytics, and strategies that profitable e-commerce sellers user to grow their biz, pay themselves, and build sustainable brands.

Passive Income through Digital File Selling on Etsy: An SVG Crash Course

Selling digital downloads on Etsy is one of the fastest growing passive income streams around, and SVGs are a corner of the market where there is still plenty of room for growth! In this workshop, we will walk through the process of creating SVGs, using tools such as Canva and Inkscape. Then, we will discuss the legals behind selling your SVG creations, how to list them on Etsy and optimize your listing for success, as well as how to structure your shop for ongoing success. If you’ve ever wanted a passive income stream that also serves as a creative outlet, this is the workshop for you! 

Pinterest Traffic Strategies for 2023

Is Pinterest still good for traffic? Getting traffic to your site is one part of the puzzle … the real success happens in the followup. Learn how to use Pinterest for traffic and to build relationships with new site visitors to maximize results … even if your traffic is lower now than in the past.

Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101 is a crash course in launching your own podcast show. The podcasting industry is exploding right now. Attend this live workshop to learn the basics of starting and launching your own podcast in as little as 30 days. We will cover tech requirements, the equipment you need and a simple way to keep everything organized.


In this workshop, I’m sharing my flexible pricing formula to help you cover your costs AND actually pay yourself for your talent and time. I’m also sharing a plug & play calculator to help you figure out your breakeven point and sales volumes to hit your goals.

Print On Demand 101: Launch Your Store Without Inventory

Have you ever wanted to sell your own line of products like t-shirts and mugs? Well, you can and you don’t need to house expensive inventory to do it. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to start your an online store selling physical products through print on demand. Monique will cover tech requirements, design tools and product best practices.

Productivity for creatives

Are you so busy “in” your business that you don’t have time for yourself or for the administrative tasks you know need doing and never get to? Feel “so busy” yet it seems like you’re not moving forward? In this workshop we’ll delve into proven systems for productivity, create a productivity plan that complements your unique work style, and examine limiting beliefs and thoughts that are standing between you and the success you want. You’ll learn how to reset and recharge your energy through simple exercises and techniques. Discover new apps and tools to help with productivity and see how to use them in this fun, hands-on, intensive.

Shooting in the Dark: artificial lighting for product photography

We all know that shooting product photos in diffuse daylight is the absolute best when it comes to lighting photos. But what if the only time you have take photos is in the middle of the night, after the kids are asleep? What if you live in an area that doesn’t see a lot of sunshine? What if you just want consistent photos without stressing about waiting for the sun to be in the same position every day?

If you plan to sell your work online, it is in your best interest to learn how to use artificial light for your product photos so you can have the flexibility of taking your photos whenever you need them and not when the sun and clouds decide to cooperate for a brief moment.

Marlo M. of Creative Arts Consulting / Small Object Photography will walk you through the pros and cons of different lighting setups from professional lighting to tabletop light boxes all the way down to the lowly office lamp and prove to you that shooting in the dark is sometimes the best way to manage your product photos for your online store.

So you want to teach a workshop: A deep dive into teaching your craft or skill

Is your skill “teachable”? Chances are it is, and you don’t even know it. In this session, Tabitha, Owner of McHarper Manor Studio, will help you explore the possibilities of creating an alternate revenue stream, with information and tools to develop a workshop that can be profitable and sustainable for your business through the slow seasons and beyond.

Transitioning from Retail to Wholesale

Having a successful handmade business is more than making great stuff. To grow your business and achieve your goals, you need solid information on how to do business in the real world. Marlo M. of and Co-owner and Managing Director of The Handmade Showroom and Bezel & Kiln in Seattle, WA is here to help you understand how to transition your creative product-based business from retail to wholesale.

By the end of this class, you will have the tools and knowledge you need to start making the transition from retail to wholesale by creating a business structure that will support your personal goals, help you manage your time, increase production, boost your profitability, and find the success that works for you and your business.

Website Jumpstart: Craft an E-Commerce Strategy for Success

If your website doesn’t convert visitors into customers, then you’re missing out on profitable sales. Craft a solid strategy and set yourself up to maximize your website investment. In this session, you will learn how to prepare for success by understanding key assets required for an effective website including how much to budget for your project. We’ll cover website features to improve conversions and average order value so you can reach your goals without falling prey to shiny object syndrome. Identifying your needs and requirements is an essential step in choosing the right website platform for your business. Get the step-by-step roadmap from zero to launch and craft a strategic plan for your website, whether you’re starting from scratch or ready to level up and redesign your existing site. Walk away with a custom blueprint so you can prioritize what matters most.

business panels

Business panel announcements coming soon!

building an organic community

A strong community is what will sustain your business longterm. But, how do you grow an audience of die-hard fans who love your brand? In this panel you’ll hear from experienced creatives who have built dedicated communities by finding their voice, implementing authentic branding and creating magnetic content that draws their people to them.

focusing your product line

Do you have an overwhelming amount of creative ideas but need help honing in on what you should move forward with? This panel is for you! Join seasoned business owners who will share their tried and true methods for sifting through a multitude of great ideas to create a focused product line that reflects your brand and creativity while making good business sense.


Growing a business brings a dizzying variety of challenges, including optimizing cash flow, managing inventory, hiring employees, honing leadership skills and creating a company culture. Overcoming these are essential for rapid growth, yet even the smallest of businesses will benefit from having a vision, creating systems and knowing when to pivot. Panelists will discuss our experiences of growing our crafts businesses into 6- and 7-figure companies. We’ll share what worked, what didn’t and the many lessons we’ve learned along the way.

hiring help

For all of us building creative empires while raising babies, or moonlighting in the service industry to fund our crafty startups, or struggling to maintain relationships and productivity and adulting… We see you, babes. Panelists will discuss our experiences with finding our own definitions of “balance”, our favorite strategies for setting boundaries & priorities, overcoming hurdles like Mom Guilt & creative burnout, and the very real issue of mental health.

neurodiverse entrepreneurship

Your brain is awesome. It definitely got you where you’re at today. But sometimes it feels like an uphill battle trying to move the needle in your business. Especially if you are neurodiverse or suspect you are. Instead of feeling like beating your brain up or going down the ‘ol “compare and despair” route, we hear you, and we see you. Come hear the perspectives, struggles, and tips from folks with neurodiverse brains.

We’ll be chatting about staying organized, productive (but in more of a human culture than a hustle culture vibe), resources, and support to help you and your amazing brain work best in your business.

working with brands

Would you like to grow your brand by partnering with big brands in your segment? In this panel you’ll learn the ins and outs of using brand partnerships to benefit your business. We’ll cover what big brands are looking for, how to get them to notice you, how to effectively work with a big brand, how to partner so both parties benefit and how to leverage the relationship for big gains.

think tanks

Badass Creatives Mini-Marketing Accelerator Think Tank

Struggling to promote your products? The Badass Creatives Marketing Accelerator (BCMA) is a marketing mentorship, educational program and community for up & coming product-based small businesses who are struggling to build a cohesive brand and market their businesses online. In this Think Tank, you’ll get a taste of BCMA’s group coaching sessions. Bring your burning marketing questions and get them answered in a small group setting. 

Craft studio owner chat THINK TANK

Are you a craft studio owner or thinking about bringing one to your community? This think tank session will be a great opportunity to get feedback for your issues and ideas. Possible topics for discussion could include; leasing commercial space, hiring employees, how to find the best wholesale deals, or what am I really getting myself into with these crazy ideas? This will be a great opportunity for us to network and support each other as we run these unique, creative businesses. 

How to Own the Smartphone: Marketing Brainstorm and Q&A Session

Join us for this small group brainstorm about how you can use social media, email, and text in concert to drive engagement and sales. This is an incredible opportunity to get one-on-one feedback and guidance from an award-winning marketer, content creator and Constant Contact’s Director of Small Business Success Dave Charest.

Leverage Spoonflower for your Small Creative Business

Join the Spoonflower team to brainstorm how to leverage Spoonflower to grow your business. Whether you are an Artist looking to earn commission on your designs, a Maker expanding your product line, or a Creative dreaming up your next big idea, Spoonflower can support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Learn about Spoonflower’s annual Small Business Grant and heat about case studies of successful handmade businesses fueled by Spoonflower.

Personalized Website Advice & Critique think tank

Let’s whip your website into shape! Have your website reviewed by web designer, Rebecca Inkrote. Each website will be pulled up on the screen one at a time. You will gain key insights about how your customers experience your shop and what might be stopping them from making a purchase. Get a variety of perspectives from others in the group, too. You’ll receive personalized strategic advice to improve and optimize your website so you can increase sales. Be prepared to take notes so you can implement the actionable recommendations provided and you’ll be on your way to improving your site design, shopping experience, and even search engine placement which can lead to more sales, happy customers, and positive reviews.


Join Content Strategist Gabriella Layne-Avery for a workshop session where you’ll be able to build your social media plan using her signature product content cards. Ask questions, brainstorm with other crafters, and develop an evergreen content plan for how you’ll show up and shine on social media!

Technology Think Tank - Does Technology Destroy Connection With Your Customers?

In this Think Tank we will explore the ways in which technology distances us from our customers and the ways it can help bring us together. We will discuss the following questions:

1. Does automating your email/social media create a disconnection between you and your audience?
2. Can technology serve as a way to connect more successfully with your raving fans?
3. When is the right time to use technology and when is the right time to disconnect?

Technology Think TanK - Using Tech to Repost/Schedule Social Media

In this discussion the attendees will consider the ramifications of focusing on one social media platform vs posting across multiple platforms using social media schedulers and/or automation platforms like IFTTT,, Integromat, Planoly, PlannThat, Metricool, Later, etc.

In this strategic debate we will ponder the questions:
1. Is it better to “focus” or go “broad” when it comes to social media?
2. Does using schedulers negatively impact your social media reach?
3. Can one social media platform help you grow another?


Bring your joys and your woes, your challenges and your bright lights to this sweet circle and discover the magic that can happen when we share with, witness and celebrate one another. 

In this gathering, Honey will share tips and answer personalized questions on how to write your own personalized self-care recipe, bringing the concept of self-care into every moment of your real life, so that every action can become an act of self-care.

your next best step think tank

Do you feel like your big goals are out of reach? Do you need some honest guidance about what to do next? Bring your most pressing issue, current block, overwhelming obstacle, or big scary decision you need to make around your creative business and Marlo M. will help propel you forward toward reaching your goals with her signature quick-fire group consulting practice, “Your Next Best Step”. Come to the session prepared to share a quick introduction of your business, why you do what you do, and your biggest obstacle getting in the way of achieving your biggest dreams and let’s do this!