Craftcation 2023 Wellness Activities



Move your body with the waves! One of the best ways to tap into your creativity is to release stress and tension from the body. Why not do it at the beach?! We will meet in the lobby and then walk down the street north of the hotel to the beach. Bring a towel or mat.

Craft Your Own Creative Self-Care Plan

In this workshop you will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditations, journaling, blessings, and mindset tips that help release stress and enhance creativity. You will pick your favorites and create mini creative magical plan for yourself to implement after.

Optional: Choose an accountability partner to check on progress after.

lunchtime REWIND

Are you loving all of the crafting classes, but perhaps your body is feeling a little tight or achy after hours of focusing on your projects? Join us for 15 minutes of gentle movement to reenergize your whole being so you are refreshed and ready for your next learning and making adventure!

lunchtime stretch

Need to rally some energy for the rest of your day at Craftcation? Pop in for 30 minutes to help release any tightness and tension that built up while you’ve been busy crafting and learning. Head into your afternoon feeling refreshed and positive! All levels welcome.


This indoor yoga class will be done sitting and/or standing, so no mats are needed.


Before the classes and the crowds and the celebrations begin, let us sit and breathe together to come fully into our bodies and this moment. Honey will provide some gentle visualization guidance to help us ground and align for the best start to a day of adventure


Who is ready for some awake napping? How about enjoying the energetic benefits of yoga poses with little physical effort? This class is designed to help you reset your sweet nervous system after a day of learning and socializing, so that you sleep better and/or are ready to jump back in to partying with your Craftcation family. Bring a towel or mat to lie on and a couple of towels or blankets (or pillows or bolsters) to support your body in the poses, and come dressed for resting.


Allow the setting sun and the ocean waves take your worries away. We will meet in the lobby and walk down the street north of the hotel to the beach. We will start with a seated meditation that will help you integrate all the positive experiences you had that day at Craftcation. Then we will take a mindful walk as the sun sets that will help release stress.