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Automate Your Newsletter and Free Up Your Time

How many hours a week do you spend writing your newsletter? Maybe you don’t even send a newsletter to your customers because you’re “too busy” running the business. Are you paying for subscribers on an email list you’re not even using? In this workshop we’ll create an evergreen email newsletter using automation to connect with your customers and free you up from writing “weekly newsletters”. Learn how to write newsletters that get opened and get clicks, which metrics to watch, and how to set up a system so you never again have to worry about writing email newsletters.

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building an organic community

A strong community is what will sustain your business longterm. But, how do you grow an audience of die-hard fans who love your brand? In this panel you’ll hear from experienced creatives who have built dedicated communities by finding their voice, implementing authentic branding and creating magnetic content that draws their people to them.

think tanks

Badass Creatives Mini-Marketing Accelerator Think Tank

Struggling to promote your products? The Badass Creatives Marketing Accelerator (BCMA) is a marketing mentorship, educational program and community for up & coming product-based small businesses who are struggling to build a cohesive brand and market their businesses online. In this Think Tank, you’ll get a taste of BCMA’s group coaching sessions. Bring your burning marketing questions and get them answered in a small group setting.