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5 Ways to Make More Revenue from Current Resources

We feel pulled in a hundred different directions and know we *should* be doing all.the.things. Yet, how do we “do more” without hitting burn out? The key is finding where we already have authority and where that overlaps what we want to be known for. What if you could DOMINATE search results and social media for what you want to be known for? People would easily find your product, course, or ideas as the solutions for their problems and the money would be flowing! The key is what you focus on. In this workshop, we’ll cover 5 ways to make more revenue from what you already have and where to spend the time and energy on NEW ideas. No dancing on the Tok or spending your whole life behind the computer.

7 simple tweaks to master your money mindset

To build a strong money mindset, you’ll need to first spot where you’re looking at money the wrong way, identify where your mindset is holding you back, and move past these barriers. These 7 simple tweaks can be applied to improve your money mindset, allowing you to attract more money, keep more of the money you already have, and use it to joyfully improve your life. We’ll be digging into each of these 7 topics, journaling on them to apply the concepts to your life, and you’ll walk away with a transformed money mindset.

A Crash Course in Facebook & Instagram Ads

Want to get started with FB or Instagram ads but now sure what all those buttons and screens mean? Or maybe you’ve “boosted” posts in the past but wanna learn how ads manager really works? Come join me for an overview of how to set up FB & IG ads from the bottom up, including definition of terms & different types of ads, why you shouldn’t just “boost” a post, how to create different types of audiences, what metrics to look at and what to tweak based on your metrics. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be ready to run your own social media ads to your shop!

Advanced Email Strategy

You’re not new to using email or SMS to market your business, and you’ve managed to master the basics. But now you’re hungry for more…or at least know you could leverage your list more, but not sure where to start. We go beyond the basics for email and SMS in this workshop. We’ll cover using automations, segmentation and how to use them, how to craft a sending strategy, improving deliverability, and more.

Called to Create: 8 Ways to Unblock Your Creative Potential

We often find ourselves stuck and frustrated when we are faced with a creative block. Often we are unaware of what contributes to those blockages in the first place. This forces us to become discouraged and abandon our creative efforts. This workshop will cover what are creative blocks, where do they come from, and how we can address them so you can find your FLOW no matter what. Whether or not you are a traditional creative (artist, musician, writer, etc.) or work in a creative field or just want to bring more creativity in your life, this class is open for you.


The Takeaways:

  • During this presentation, we will explore:
  • What contributes to our creative blockages;
  • How to address those blockages quickly and effectively so we can move into our creative flow;
  • Mindfulness activities that you can incorporate into your life to help stay unblocked and inspired for new creative activities and complete ongoing projects.

Crafting Video & Audio Workflow

Join B&H Photo’s Lead Educator, Bridget Haggerty from B&H Creators, to learn about video and audio for content creation. Whether you are sharing your knowledge with students, recording an online class, hosting a podcast, or creating social media content, you can make the process easy so nothing stops you from sharing your work!

Come to learn, come to share, come to ask questions!

The Creator Marketing team at B&H is part of a strategic initiative to connect with unique creators across mediums. Our team’s mission is to support and empower the next generation of creators to produce professional-grade content and build a thriving, inclusive, and collaborative community.

Creating the Space for Big Ideas

How much uninterrupted time do you have each day? Do you have a place or time set aside where you can do some upper level thinking? Christy will lead us step by step how she runs her “executive retreats”, where she spends time each quarter planning and playing (that’s part of it!). Whether you have 4 hours or 4 days of time to focus, we will work on a plan to welcome the big ideas into our minds and craft a plan to getting them accomplished. At the end of this workshop, you will have an agenda ready for your own “executive retreat”. 

Creative Cashflow Blueprint: The Crafters Guide To Passive Income

Ever find yourself pouring your heart, soul, and a little too much cash into your creative endeavors? Wondering if there’s a way to turn your passion into profit and maybe recoup some of those craft store splurges? Look no further! Join our information-packed workshop, “Creative Cashflow Blueprint: The Crafters Guide To Passive Income.” where we’ll guide you through actionable methods, providing a step-by-step blueprint to not only fuel your artistic dreams but also replenish that craft supply fund. It’s time your creativity became a currency in itself, and K. Hill’s here to show you how. Ready to break free from the cycle of spending without return and make your creations work for you? Let’s craft a future where your passion pays off!

Do More With Canva

Canva Pro can be the best monthly subscription you pay for…if you know how to utilize it effectively! In this session, we will talk about the variety of ways you can use Canva Pro to save your time AND creative energy! We will cover scheduling on social media (and when NOT to use this feature), creating mockups for product listings, creating a brand kit, creating social media posts, SVG files, and more. We will even talk about how to avoid the “did you create that in Canva?” question by using some more advanced Canva editing features! Adobe who?! Depending on what you need to create, Canva may be all you need!

E-commerce Strategies for Success

If your website doesn’t convert visitors into customers, then you’re missing out on profitable sales. Craft a solid strategy and set yourself up to maximize your website investment. In this session, you will learn how to prepare for success by understanding key assets required for an effective website including how much to budget for your project. We’ll cover website features to improve conversions and average order value so you can avoid shiny object syndrome and reach your goals. Identifying your needs and requirements is an essential step in choosing the right website platform for your business. Get the step-by-step roadmap from zero to launch and craft a strategic plan for your website, whether you’re starting from scratch or ready to level up and redesign your existing site. Walk away with a custom blueprint so you can prioritize what matters most.


Jay-Z said “Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t lie.” Numbers are sexy, people. And knowing your money metrics is crucial for building a sustainable and rewarding business. You’ll be confidently raising your rates by the end of Craftcation!


In this workshop, we will:

  • learn how to audit our revenue & expenses without meltdown
  • unleash the magic of the 80-20 rule
  • set projections that inspire us
  • make words like “retirement” and “emergency fund” our friends

Generative AI for Creatives


Explore the fundamental principles, techniques, and applications of Generative AI in this workshop. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how generative models function and discover how to harness their power to create distinctive and compelling text and image outputs, all while preserving your authentic voice. This session blends theoretical insights with hands-on demonstrations to equip participants with the skills needed to leverage Generative AI for creative projects, business endeavors, and innovative problem-solving. Additionally, receive a curated list of the most popular and trusted AI applications to further enhance your exploration into this cutting-edge technology.

How to Boost Your Customer Retention (and make more money)

Getting your existing customers to buy again is one of the easiest ways to boost your bottom line. Don’t leave money on the table – make sure your biz is built to attract return customers and repeat orders. We’ll talk about all things customer retention, including your product suite, abandoned cart sequences, retargeting ads, loyalty programs, and other win-back techniques in this workshop.

How to teach your skill in a workshop

Is your craft or skill “teachable”? Chances are it is! In this workshop, Tabitha, Owner of McHarper Manor Art Studio and The he Creative Kiln, will help you explore the possibilities of sharing your passions, all while building brand recognition for yourself and creating an alternate revenue stream. Tabitha has taught THOUSANDS of workshops, and using step-by-step methods, she can help you to develop a workshop plan that can be profitable and sustainable through the slow seasons and beyond.

Instagram DIY: Social Media Strategy to Increase Your Growth & Sales

When you’re posting on social media and not seeing any results, it usually boils down to not having the right strategy. This workshop is designed with makers in mind and will teach you the basics of creating a social media strategy for your own business including:

  • How to set goals for your social media and measure your efforts
  • What are content pillars? And how should you be using them?
  • Post frequency and planning best practices
  • Instagram story strategy (one of the most underrated places to sell)
  • Using the Social Selling Staircase to sell more effortlessly and authentically

Launch Your Podcast

So you want to start a podcast? Great! This workshop is a crash course in creating, planning, and launching your own podcast show. We will cover everything from developing an idea for your show, tech requirements, equipment and a simple 30 day launch plan.

Line Sheets, Look Books, and Wholesale Marketplaces

Understand the essentials of the effective use of line sheets, look books, as well as wholesale marketplaces to help you to present your work to wholesale buyers. This session covers industry standards, best practices, and offers practical advice on utilizing creative promotional materials to strategically promote your brand and increase your chances of securing an order with your favorite retailers. Attendees are encouraged to bring along their own line sheets and products for a chance for direct feedback during class.

Making the MOST of Traffic To Your Site

More traffic means more revenue, right? In this Workshop you’ll learn how to get MORE from the traffic you already have and learn solid ways to build free organic traffic with Pinterest and SEO.

Manufacturing: How To Get Stuff Made

Manufacturing products can feel very daunting. There’s so much information out there, and yet none of it seems very clear. How to choose from the sea of options online? How to vet a factory? What do all those terms mean? What should you expect from a manufacturer? If you’re making something overseas, how do you get it across the ocean, and what else do you need to know?

In this talk, I’ll walk you through all things manufacturing– the who, what, where, how– and my goal is for you to leave feeling prepared and excited for what’s next. There’ll be plenty of time for Q&A, too.

Meet your inner millionairess - guided meditation & journaling

In a parallel universe, there is a version of you that is *already* a millionaire. She is paid for her talents, spends her money well, works less than you and has far more in the bank than you’ve ever imagined. Now what if you could meet this version of yourself? What if you could see how she acts, dresses, speaks, holds herself, and handles her money? In this workshop, we will be doing just that. You’ll be led through a guided meditation to meet your highest self/inner-millionairess, and you’ll be forever transformed as you are able to harness that power, and learn how to use it in your everyday life moving forward.

Merchandising Tips and Tricks to Draw a Crowd

In this session Jo will discuss tips and tricks to make your booth it’s very best. She will discuss merchandising, details not to miss, color concepts and creating a functioning space. Jo’s background in interior design, experience in sales, and selling her own products gives her a unique insight on what customers may be looking for. Creating an experience for your customers that is unique to you, is a sure way to attract a crowd.

More Website Traffic: A Beginner's Dive into SEO and Blogging

Boost your website’s visibility and drive more traffic after this engaging and comprehensive session on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and blogging strategies. Together we’ll demystify SEO, exploring the fundamental principles and easy-to-implement techniques that can elevate your website’s search engine ranking.

From keyword strategy to optimizing content, discover how to level up your website’s performance and attract people looking for exactly what you have to offer. Learn the transformative power of blogging and how to leverage keywords effectively in your posts. We’ll cover a variety of tools you can use to find and prioritize relevant keywords, optimize your pages, listings, and blog posts for those keywords, and monitor your website’s search performance. Tailored for handmade product-based business owners, this class provides practical insights, actionable tips, and down-to-earth advice to amplify your online shop presence.

Pricing your Handmade Products for Profit

How do you price your handmade work? Cost times 3? Find comparable work online and price your work the way everyone else does? It’s okay. We’ve all done it and if that works for you, that’s super! However, if you want to know the right way to price your work so you can grow your business and make a profit, Marlo Miyashiro of Creative Arts Consulting is here with decades of experience pricing and selling her own work and now, the work of over 200 artists in her retail store, The Handmade Showroom. This workshop will help you calculate your own unique numbers and work them into real-world pricing scenarios based on your personal business goals, whether that’s selling as a hobby, selling direct at craft shows, or working with retail store buyers.


Are you so busy “in” your business that you don’t have time for yourself or for the administrative tasks you know need doing and never get to? Feel “so busy” yet it seems like you’re not moving forward? In this workshop we’ll delve into proven systems for productivity, create a productivity plan that complements your unique work style, and examine limiting beliefs and thoughts that are standing between you and the success you want. You’ll learn how to reset and recharge your energy through simple exercises and techniques. Discover new apps and tools to help with productivity and see how to use them in this fun, hands-on, intensive.

Selling on Social Without Selling Your Soul

Does selling on social media make you feel like you’re starring in your own infomercial? Learn how to make your social media work for you by integrating my 4-step system to selling without feeling salesy. Not only will you learn the skills and best practices to improve your sales, but you’ll also benefit from building a community of advocates who will share your business for you!

Social Media for Crafters: Posting with Purpose and Intention

If you’ve ever wondered what to post on social media, how often to post, or where to find your ideal audience, this lecture is for you! We will cover the basics of the current algorithms on TikTok and Instagram, and will discuss how to leverage it to find your ideal audience. The goal of this session is not “how to beat the algorithm” but rather how to use it to work in your favor in the long-term. We will discuss how to create a long-term strategy that not only works for your ideal audience but also works for YOU, channeling your creative energy and authentic self to show up online in a real way. You will leave this session with a social media plan that you can actually stick with, that actually works, and that you can actually ENJOY!

Success with Stockists: How to be a Wholesale Hero

Whether you’re just breaking into the wholesale market or are ready to work with more retail partners, there are several key ways to impress buyers and get your work onto their shelves. Relationship-building is the name of the game.

We’ll learn how to create an enticing & informative wholesale packet, pitch with confidence, build a streamlined system, improve communication, and much more — including 1-2 hot seats!

Tiny Action Plan - From Ideas to Execution

If your goals usually overwhelm you, this workshop is for you. Ditch the big leaps for tiny actions. You’ll learn how to turn your lofty goals into SMART tiny actions and develop a personal action plan. We will also cover strategies for maintaining motivation, overcoming procrastination, and dealing with setbacks.

Website Refresh

Your website is the go-to place for potential customers to learn about your brand and purchase your work — Let’s make it a revenue-generating machine, just by improving your homepage! We’ll learn some easy UX/UI strategies, branding tips, and even do a couple of hot seats. You’ll leave with a motivating action list for your own website.

Note: This is not a Website 101 class; it’s a great solution for Makers who have their site built and need a Spring Cleaning refresh.

business panels

Business panel announcements coming soon!

ADHD / executive dysfunction challenges & strategies to help work (& home) life be more awesome

Being an entrepreneur with an executive dysfunction like ADHD can feel isolating, but we’re certainly not alone! Bring your workflow, planning, productivity, relationship, and time blindness challenges to this intimate session, where we can talk about our panelists’ favorite planning and organization strategies – plus energy protectors that have worked wonders for our businesses and personal lives. Together, we’ll explore ways to use your unique superpowers to increase joy and success!

From Blank Page to Published Author

Have you ever considered writing a book but have no idea how to start? Join this panel discussion with seasoned authors who have successfully navigated self-publishing and traditional publishing paths. Panelists will compare and contrast their experiences so you can determine which path is right for you. Gain invaluable insights into the processes of developing a winning book idea, crafting a compelling proposal, and establishing a realistic schedule for creating, editing, and publishing your book. Learn how to approach publishers, negotiate contracts, and effectively market your book to reach your target audience. This session will provide you with knowledge, confidence, and support to help you take the next step in turning your writing aspirations into reality!

Product Development Interactive Panel Discussion

Are you ready to next-level your brand? Do you want constructive feedback for your product line or valuable insights on improving your production? Join us for a collaborative discussion featuring a panel of seasoned experts ready to guide you on your creative journey. We invite participants to come prepared with their ideas, products, packaging, and promotional materials along with questions for a chance to present your work and receive practical advice aimed at enhancing your craft and business so you can turn your aspirations into actionable steps for success.

Startup Lessons: Embracing Failure as a Creative Business Owner

A real and unfiltered panel discussion about how making mistakes and embracing failure are important parts of the creative journey. Panelists will share their experiences with failure, what they’ve learned from the mistakes they’ve made in their business, and how they navigate these challenges to come out stronger on the other side.

think tanks

Co-working: Write a Fun & Creative Bio


You know that a clear and compelling bio can help your people can find you in a crowd, but it is just one more thing on your list of to dos. Why not join this fun co-working session and get this task finished. During this workshop, we will use the power of co-working to draft and polish a short bio that you can use for social media profiles, LinkedIn or your About You page on your website. Bring your laptop or notebook and get ready to let the power of the group energize your writing skills.

Elevate Your Etsy Shop

Receive peer feedback and expert insight on ways to increase the impact of your Etsy shop. We’ll delve into various aspects of your shop, from the cover banner and overall aesthetic to product photos, descriptions, policies, and more. You’ll gain insights into Etsy’s current best practices for sellers and SEO recommendations. By the end of the session, you’ll have a fresh perspective on your shop’s strengths and areas for improvement, and will be equipped with actionable steps to transform your Etsy presence. Participants must have an active Etsy shop. (If you have multiple shops, choose one for this session).


Bring any device—laptop, phone, or tablet—that you can use to view your co-attendees’ shops on Etsy during the Think Tank.

Lateral Thinking- Tools for Creative Problem Solving

Have you tried everything you can think of to solve a certain problem? Lateral Thinking a big topic and Teresa will just scratch the surface in this Think Tank. She will teach a bit and then facilitate a discussion from a coaching perspective, asking open-ended questions to support you to take steps that work for you. This will be a discussion revolving around creative problem solving and will go deeper into awareness of obstacles getting in the way of your dreams and passions. Please feel free to attend even if you want to observe more than speak. All are welcome!

Managing a Maker Schedule

Are you struggling with balancing your schedule? Teresa will facilitate a discussion from a coaching perspective, asking open-ended questions to support you to take steps that work for you. This will be a discussion revolving around managing schedules and it will go deeper into awareness of obstacles getting in the way of your dreams and passions. Please feel free to attend even if you want to observe more than speak. All are welcome!

Packaging Lab

Packaging is usually the last thing business owners think of when developing a new product…but it’s the first thing a retail buyer or a customer sees.

In Packaging Lab, you’ll bring your product in need of some Packaging TLC and we’ll craft ways you can package your items- we’ll even cover DIY routes if you don’t have the budget for fancy custom packaging.

Personalized Website Advice & Critique

Let’s whip your website into shape! Get your website reviewed by a professional web designer. Each website will be pulled up on the screen one at a time. You will gain key insights into how your customers experience your shop and what might be stopping them from making a purchase. Get a variety of perspectives from others in the group, too. You’ll receive personalized strategic advice to improve and optimize your website so you can increase sales. Be prepared to take notes so you can implement the actionable recommendations provided and you’ll be on your way to improving your site design, shopping experience, and even search engine placement which can lead to more sales, happy customers, and positive reviews.


Come join Grant House, the seasoned sewing business entrepreneur behind Grant House Sewing Center, for an engaging discussion on all things sewing. In this workshop, Grant will delve into the world of sewing education, sharing insights from his journey as a small business owner in the sewing industry. Whether you’re curious about the art of sewing, interested in teaching sewing, or considering starting your own sewing education studio or business, Grant will be there to answer your questions and provide valuable guidance. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to turn your sewing dreams into reality!

Social Media Review and Q&A

Welcome to “Think Tank: Social Media Review and Q&A” – a dynamic workshop where we’ll roll up our sleeves, dive into the world of social media, and revamp your online presence! With just 15-20 participants, this isn’t your average workshop – it’s an interactive round table where we’ll take a look at your social profiles and as a group review and give constructive feedback to help you further your growth and strategies.


Guiding the session is Sandra Dotson, bringing a wealth of social media experience. She’s amassed a 56K following on Instagram and nearly 80K across all platforms. Having steered her own social media ship for years, including during her corporate stint, she’s here to share the nitty-gritty and help you chart a course for social media success.


In this intimate gathering, we’ll focus on Instagram but unpack insights applicable across the social landscape. Expect a hands-on session where we’ll pull up your profiles, dish out constructive advice, and leave you armed with actionable steps to implement immediately. It’s not about numbers; it’s about genuine connection and strategic tweaks that resonate.


Feeling a little overwhelmed with your creative business? Do you feel like your big goals are out of reach? Would you like some honest guidance about what to do next? Bring your most pressing issue, current block, obstacle, or big decision you have to the table and Marlo M. of Creative Arts Consulting and The Handmade Showroom will help you uncover your next best step toward reaching your goals!

Wholesale Stationery: The Doctor Is In

The stationery brand I founded, Em & Friends, sold somewhere in the neighborhood of five million greeting cards before it was acquired by Barnes & Noble in 2022. I’ve had a lot of success, and I’ve made a ton of mistakes, and not to sound full of myself, but at this point, there’s not much about this business that I don’t know. And I love being able to use my experience to help illuminate the path for other people. I’m at your service for questions and advice on all things stationery!



Come spend some time harnessing the creative energy of Craftcation. Push away any writing blocks, and use this workshop to record your thoughts from the week, start a blog post, or do your morning pages. We will begin with a creative warm-up exercise and then move into a series of 25-minute quiet writing blocks. Writing prompts and gentle encouragement will be available if you need help to jump into the flow. Every level of writer is welcome. There will be no time for sharing, critiquing, and comparison. Just writing.