Craftcation 2020 – Ambassador Program

Requirements & Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Craftcation Ambassador Program!  Like us, you are die-hard Craftcation lovers. You know the pure joy and long-term benefits to your creativity, life and business from spending four days with like-minded creatives learning, making and meeting at the beach at Craftcation. We’re so grateful that you’re willing to help us promote our beloved conference and nurture our incredible community.

The Craftcation Ambassador Program offers unique benefits for a curated group of Craftcation super-fans who champion the awesomeness of Craftcation. The point of this program is to not only promote our conference and recruit new attendees, but to also nurture our existing community and assist first time attendees. We’ve listened to your feedback throughout the years as well as tagged in some of our own ideas and have updated the Ambassador Program for 2020!

Please read through this entire page even if you’ve been an Ambassador in prior years as the requirements and responsibilities have changed.

craftcation ambassador 2019
Craftcation Ambassadors – Class of 2019 – Photo by Jessica Griffin



Every Craftcation Ambassador receives:

  • $20 off your Craftcation registration (on top of alumni + early bird registration discounts!)
  • An invitation to join our exclusive affiliate program and earn 10% of any Craftcation registration sold through your personalized link (up to $47 per ticket sold!)
  • 50% off Dear Handmade Life online workshops: Craft Show Success, Sketchbook Adventures and Home Artisan Bar
  • Special surprise gifts – In the past these have included custom Craftcation hoodies, craft supplies & more
  • PLUS each Ambassador is entered into our Craftcation Ambassador Grand Prize Giveaway in which ONE winner will receive:
    • A FREE ticket to Craftcation 2021!!
    • FREE access to all of our online workshops



As alumni, you understand how important our community is to us.

Craftcation can be overwhelming to newcomers but they aren’t the only ones who might need a friendly face. We have a lot of introverted and quiet attendees that may be too shy to start up conversations or meet new people on their own. As an Ambassador, we ask that you keep an eye out for anyone who looks like they could use some help. This could mean answering questions, directing traffic, offering support, introducing first time attendees to new people, being available to presenters in workshops if you see they need help with something, etc.

Think of yourself as a Craftcation “Camp Counselor” and I’ll be your “Camp Director”.  I’ll be there with you every step of the way ready to encourage you, answer questions, give you everything you need to make your role as an Ambassador simple and enjoyable.

We want all of our attendees to feel welcomed and supported. As a result, Craftcation Ambassador responsibilities will now include tasks before, during and after the conference. Let’s be the group that helps to nurture and grow our community while we’re at the conference just like we do online before and after the conference.

We’ve outlined the requirements of this revised role below.

Prior to Craftcation:

  • Post about Craftcation on your most engaged social media accounts, newsletter and/or blog on specified days during our promotional time period. To make it even easier, we’ll provide you with sample posts, images, hashtags and links. We’ll also send you reminders a few days before the scheduled post dates –  we know you’re busy! 
  • Sharing posts from the official Craftcation Facebook Event Page and Dear Handmade Life Facebook page that includes announcements and conference information to help with exposure and social media traffic

During the Conference:

  • At least two social media posts per day tagging sponsors, presenters and Dear Handmade Life. More information will be included in our Ambassador Onboarding Information you will receive if accepted.
  • We will select one or two interested ambassadors to host an Instagram “story takeover” to our audience of 23k+ from the conference. This takeover will capture a day in the life of a conference go-er showing the conference environment, our amazing community and the range of workshops, panels and events throughout our 4 days together.*
  • Be on call to volunteer at special events. This could mean assisting a presenter of a workshop you’re attending, serving dinner, decorating, clean up, etc. If a situation arises where we could use an extra hand, we’ll reach out ask for help. If you’re available, and can help, awesome! If you’re in a class or otherwise engaged, just let us know.
  • Provide photos of your swag bag and its contents. We will include a list of MUST HAVE pictures and specific sponsors to tag as we get closer to the conference.
  • Welcome meeting with Katie Mac where we go over the game plan, answer questions, receive Ambassador goodie bags and review responsibilities.

*This task is not required for acceptance into the Ambassador program. You can opt in or out of this opportunity in the application below. 

After the conference:

  • Email us any recaps or thoughts/feelings about the conference. This can be in the form of a blog post, social media post or by simply sending us an email.
  • We value your opinion and are always looking for ways to improve the overall conference experience. In addition to our post-conference alumni survey, this year we will be sending a longer and more in-depth Ambassador survey. This is another way for you to relay to us your thoughts, feelings, feedback, critiques, etc.



  • You’ll receive links, photos and sample posts by 9.16.19.
  • Your first post will be on 9.23.19.
  • We’ll send you reminders for the next few weeks to post on specific days once a week though 10.15.19 when registration opens.
  • While registration is open you’ll be asked to post approximately once a week.
  • You’re welcome to post more if you’d like. In fact the more you post the more entries you’ll have for our Grand Prize!



  • Anyone who loves Craftcation as much as we do and wants to tell their audience, friends and everyone they think would enjoy the conference about their awesome experience.
  • This program is for Craftcation alumni only – Presenters may also apply.
  • Candidates for the Craftcation Ambassador Program are dedicated and ready to share their infectious excitement about this once a year conference that has inspired attendees and radically altered their businesses and lives.
  • Bonus points for not being camera-shy!



We review each application and choose a select few applicants whose dedication and love for Craftcation is abundantly clear. We will also consider your social media reach. But don’t worry – while we do look at numbers, we place a heavy consideration on passion and engagement.

You’ll receive an accept/decline email including your Ambassador Onboarding Information by 9.13.19. This will include everything you need to get started!



We’ll be checking in through a tracking platform on your clicks, posts and personalized affiliate links and keeping track of your sharing. All posts are gathered in our database and a winner will be randomly chosen for the Grand Prize. The more you post, the more entries you’ll have into the Grand Prize giveaway! If you don’t fulfill your ambassador duties you will be removed from the program and all ambassador rights and privileges will be revoked.



Fill out the application form below before 9.10.19. We’ll send acceptance notifications by 9.13.19

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