Patchwork Show Makers Festival Craft Show California
Patchwork Show Makers Festival Craft Show California
Patchwork Show Makers Festival Craft Show California
Patchwork Show Modern Makers Festival Craft Show California Santa Rosa


Selling your products at craft shows offers a unique experience and opportunity for growth that your business can’t get through selling wholesale or online.

At craft shows you interact directly and build solid relationships with your customers and creative community as well as make money.

Finding your footing and making the most out of craft shows requires knowledge, research, dedication, time and money.

Successfully selling at a craft show isn’t as simple as filling out an application and showing up with your products. It requires a lot of planning and hard work BUT it’s all worth it! 

Craft Show Success not only shows you how to find the perfect show, create an application that producers notice and have a successful craft show experience but also tackles all the details leading up to and after the show. You’ll be organized, prepared and ready to sell your products like a pro.

Showcasing your business at craft shows can be a building block in creating a successful business or an integral part of your businesses financial achievement. This workshop will help you to get out there and make it happen!

If you are ready to build your business and brand by selling at craft shows,
this course will help you make the most out of the adventure.

This eight-chapter written workshop gathers over a decade of Nicole Stevenson’s vending and production experience through tips, resources, downloadable PDF and spreadsheet worksheets, exercises, photographs, stories, tutorials and examples or what to do and what not to do. You can start the course anytime after you purchase it and go at your own pace!


  • Find and choose the right craft shows for your brand
  • Determine and achieve your craft show goals
  • Get organized and be prepared before, during and after craft shows
  • Submit a stand-out application with great photos
  • Create cohesive branding for your business
  • Maximize your booth space and create unique on-brand displays
  • Price your goods for profit
  • Navigate licenses and permits
  • Maximize your time at the show
  • Build and solidify relationships with your customers, creative community and show producers

chapter overview

Finding the perfect craft shows for your business

Finding the perfect craft show for your business is not a crap shoot. You must first determine which shows will help you build your business and make money. In this chapter, you'll assess your goals, learn what you need to do to get ready to be a vendor and how to choose a craft show that will be the perfect vehicle to make it all happen.

Submitting a successful application

Applying for a craft show does not have to be stressful or time consuming. In this chapter, we’ll cover every aspect of the application process including setting up a timeline so you don’t miss any deadlines, how to write about yourself and your business, taking professional-looking photographs of what you make and how to avoid craft show producers top pet peeves.

authentic branding for your business

Branding is the YOU of your business. It communicates the style, personality and story of your business to potential customers. Every aspect of your business including the font on your business card, your logo, color palette, booth display, even online presence contribute to how potential customers perceive your business. We’ll show you how to creatively brand your business so your ideal customers come to you.

Preparing for a craft show

We’ll delve deep into getting organized and maximizing your time before a craft show so that you’re not up until 1am the night before or realize you forgot something essential the day of the show. You’ll learn how to pack like a champ, prepare for the unexpected, hire an assistant for the day of the show, navigate out-of-town shows, market the show. We'll even talk about self-care!

Creating a booth display that brings your customers to you

No matter how awesome what you’re selling is, if your booth display isn’t attractive, your sales will suffer. Creating an outstanding booth doesn’t have to break the bank. Through research and preparation you’ll showcase your products in a unique and innovative way that will draw your customers to you and maximize your time and booth space.

Pricing for profit & covering your business financially & legally

Accurately pricing your products, figuring out your expenses, income and profit as well as keeping your business legal is essential if you want to have a successful business. In this chapter, you'll learn how to price your goods for profit, cut your costs, capitalize on and reward your customers, navigate sales tax as well as permits and licenses plus keep track of all of it with ease.

dealing with the unexpected at craft shows

Unexpected things can throw you for a loop on the big day… Difficult customers, a super slow day, or a crazy busy one. If you’re well-prepared you’ll be able to stay cool, calm and collected the day of the show, no matter what gets thrown your way. Master the art of selling your products with ease and authenticity through this no-pressure sales tactic that fosters genuine relationships with customers and turns one-time-buyers into life-long customers that keep coming back for more.

Post Craft Show Recovery Follow up and Community

After the craft show is over, it's important to take a moment to celebrate and practice a little self-care but then it's time to get back to work. Following up with the show producers, your customers, building your community, evaluating and planning is essential if you want all the work you put into the show to build your business and your brand.


“I can’t recall a time in my life when I wasn’t making something.” 

Nicole Stevenson is a multi-passionate creative, middle-aged first-time mama, impostor syndrome warrior, cheeseburger, cake and Korean BBQ connoisseur, confessional journaler, second-hand shop scavenger, deep dive conversationalist and the CEO and Creative Director at Dear Handmade Life.