How to Make a Keychain Ear Bud Pouch


One of my kitchen cupboards does not stay closed. I spent a year closing the cabinet, leaving the kitchen and sitting down in the dining room only to hear it squeak open before I finally did something about it and put a piece of tape on the front of it. It’s a little annoying to have to peel back the tape to open the cupboard but believe me, it’s way less irritating than the squeaking sound I dealt with before.

We all have squeaky cupboards in our lives… things that exasperate us on a daily basis but that we just learn to live with, like leaky faucets, ice trays that make extracting the ice a nearly impossible feat or tangled headphones.

I’m the queen of saying, “Just a second,” when someone calls me as I dig through my purse to find my headphones. Then when at last I’ve uncovered them, I spend a minute or two trying to untangle them. I’ve often wondered how it is possible for them to get so tangled while they’re just sitting in my purse. Last week I stopped trying to figure it out and decided to do something about it! I created this headphone pouch to not only keep my ear buds from twisting into a jumbled mess but also so that I always know where they are.

In the few days since I’ve started using the pouch, I relished in the thought that I always know exactly where my headphones are when I get a phone call or head out on my morning walk. I’ll be honest, it’s a little annoying to have to put them back when I’m done with them but way less infuriating than not knowing where they are. So, if lost and tangled ear buds are on your “squeaky cupboard” list, then take some time and create this keychain ear bud pouch.

Head over to Bernina’s We All Sew blog for the full tutorial including the downloadable template.

-Nicole S.



  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I know several people who will get this for Christmas.

    Try a little piece of stick on Velcro on the cabinet. I’ve had to do that on several cabinets.

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