Podcast episode 26: Teaching Your Craft with Lisa Solomon

Teaching your craft with Lisa Solomon on the Dear Handmade Life podcast

This week on the Dear Handmade Life podcast Delilah is sipping her famous crock pot bone broth and we’re talking to Lisa Solomon (a regular Craftcation Conference presenter) about teaching your craft.

More and more makers are beginning to look at diversifying their income streams through things like selling kits or patterns and teaching their craft so that they can sustain their businesses.

BUT… Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you can teach someone else how to do it or that you should. Knowing how to do something is one thing but knowing how to share those skills with another person is something else entirely. Teaching itself is an art form involving the mastery of not only the skill you’re sharing but of finding a way to explain it in a way that’s accessible, interesting and memorable.

This topic is close to home as Delilah and I have both not only been teachers but also have both owned brick and mortar workshop spaces where we brought on other teachers and we organize Craftcation Conference where we have to find and vet instructors.

Every year at Craftcation Conference we bring 50+ of the most inspiring creatives together to share their talents with our attendees through hands-on DIY workshops and creative business classes. Our guest today Lisa Solomon is one of those amazing presenters. Today we’re going to talk with Lisa who is a veteran teacher, artist and entrepreneur about her experience teaching, what makes a good teacher and we’ll help you determine if teaching is the right path for your business.

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-Delilah + Nicole

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Teaching your craft with Lisa Solomon on the Dear Handmade Life podcast

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