127 Yard Sale: Day 1 – Kentucky – Covington to Frankfort

Editor’s Note: This post is a part of our series on Delilah’s annual trip to the 127 yard sale. We’ll be back next week with DIY projects, recipes, inspiration and business tips. -Nicole S.127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-black-white-sign-road-highway

127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-bridge-water127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-sign-highway-treeSorry about the mistake on our route a few posts back- I thought we were starting in Frankfort like we had always done but I guess Gustavo (the hubs) thought we should start further north. So on early Thursday morning, we took the drive from Lexington, Kentucky (unfortunately we didn’t see much of the place aside from that rad butcher shop) and headed straight to Covington, Kentucky. We did have to make a pit stop though- while we were at Willet, we met the Director and he mentioned a cool sounding liquor store that is the largest one in Kentucky (perhaps event the United States), so we had to check it out. We shopped around, I bought a Louisville mead and a honey liquor from Italy while the hubs bought his unusual… bourbon and whiskey that he had never seen before.

127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-chevrolet-sign-letters127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-black-white-photo-robert-redford-barbara-striesandSo then off we went to Covington, Kentucky where we eventually saw signs for the 127 highway. We got really excited. We were about to start!! Covington, is a cute little town, however there were very few things or shall I say sales that made us want to stop. So off we headed south. We were definitely excited about this part of the trip as it was completely new to the both of us. Previously we had only traveled as far north as Frankfort. We were ready for some good finds!


Unfortunately, the first stop was pretty much unremarkable. I hate to say that but with only four days to shop and an impending storm on the way, the added mileage without any return from good finds was disappointing. We really didn’t reach anything great until Union, Kentucky. Then there were three stops that turned out to have a few scores. I guess you have to try everything once. Last year we went through Alabama and this year we opted for the north-of-Frankfort leg of the trip. Unfortunately, now we only have three days to cover what we would have done in four days normally. Plus like I mentioned, there were reports of a massive store on the horizon!! The only good thing about the approaching storm is that weather was the best it has ever been. It’s usually incredibly hot and humid and this year I actually wore a light sweater for a little bit!

127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-vintage-corona-typewriter-black127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-ricks-white-lightning-diner-turquoise-bench127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-ricks-white-lightning-diner-mug-coffee-cup127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-ricks-white-lightning-diner-sandwich127-yard-sale-corridor-frankfurt-covington-kentucky-ricks-white-lightning-dinerOne silver lining of adding the north-of-Frankfurt portion is that we were able to arrive in Frankfort early enough to make it to Rick’s White Light Diner. Rick’s is a favorite of ours that we try to hit up every time we are here. This place is honestly my dream business!!! Rick is usually walking around, smoking a cigarette, spouting off hilarious sayings and stories while customers in the teeny-tiny diner feast on Cajun specialties and beer. I love that this place only seats about 15 people (maybe 30 if you count the four tables outside). The menu is creative and proud to serve local ingredients. Just ask Rick and he will talk your ear off about it! I ordered a scallop po’ boy and a Blue Moon beer and ate while Rick told us about his latest endeavor, a truck!


-If you stay in Frankfort, please visit Ricks White Light Diner, they close early so check their site for their hours of operation.

-I suggest staying at the Holiday Inn Express off the 127 highway. The location cannot be beat and it is a clean, professional hotel.

-Across the small street from the Holiday Inn Express is a Kroger grocery store. I have to say that this location has really bumped it up. It looks like a gourmet grocery store now and it has a good selection of organics and a cold case filled with selections for vegans/vegetarians. This place is PERFECT to grab more supplies as markets like this will be few and far between as you head south.


-A number of bar/glass sets that were not just affordable, they were down right cheap!

-Four glass serving platters in light pinks and yellows

-Two small folding seats for camping

Can’t wait to tell you all about day two tomorrow!

-Delilah Snell


    1. Hi Ty!

      i think the best shopping is in Tennessee there are a number of great stops north of Chattanooga (i believe lookout mountain- it was on the last of my posts). really good quality and lots of antiques. Kentucky is my favorite, however it is a lot more “junking” but also excellent stops.
      if this is your first time, start at the mountain and head north. just make sure that you book your hotel rooms in advance- places full up fast!
      cant wait to hear about your trip!

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