5 Reasons You Should Be Focusing on Press and a Major Resource to Help You Get Started (with a step-by-step guide)

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to share this guest post from Lindsay White of Lot801 Marketing where she shares tips and tricks with other entrepreneurs and small business owners to help grow their social media following and get press coverage. Lindsay shares five reasons why you need to start focusing on getting your goods featured in the press plus some awesome stories of how press changed her business. -Nicole S.

5 Reasons You Should Be Focusing on Press and a Major Resource to Help You Get Started (with a step-by-step guide) from Dear Handmade Life

Hey guys! I’m so excited about this post because it’s something that I absolutely LOVE sharing with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. And for some reason, this topic isn’t mentioned enough. Are you ready? Because there’s a ton of information for you here today. My hope is that after reading this post, you sit back and think to yourself “I really should be focusing more on PR”.

Here’s the thing, I so know how you feel. Only the big brands that have stacks of “dolla bills” or the ones that have connections to Hollywood, are the ones getting the press. I used to think that too. I used to dream of the day I could afford a PR firm so my brand could be seen around the world. I’ve done PR on my own and I’ve worked with PR firms. I’m here to share with you what press can do for you and your brand and give you my secret resource on how you can get started, without spending a dime! I even put together a step-by-step guide for you here.

So what can press coverage do for you?

5 ways getting featured in the press can grow your business from Dear Handmade Life

1. Press Can Skyrocket Sales

I remember I was laying in bed and my phone was going off like CRAZY. I was about to call my mom and tell her to STOP TEXTING ME SO EARLY (she does that sometimes). I picked up my phone and saw that it was actually my website provider emailing me all the sales I was getting that morning… about every two minutes it would go off again. I was scratching my head thinking, what happened overnight? I immediately went to my Instagram to see if there was anything there, nothing unusual!? Got to my office and checked where all this traffic was coming from. It was coming from TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People on the Internet, the Oh Joy! blog.

She included Lot801 in one of her posts Bite Size Style sponsored by Target! I was jumping for joy (see what I did there?). Sales were coming through like crazy, for at least a week or two. My sales increased by 400% that month, all because of this one article. And still to this day that article sends traffic to my website.

2. Press can Explode Your Social Media

I was just finished up the hectic morning of getting my daughter ready and off to school, sat down at my desk, opened my Instagram account and that little orange person bubble popped up informing me that I’ve gained some new followers… awesome! I looked at the number and almost fell off my chair, it said 1,007 new followers over night. Holy crap!!!! I was scrolling around like crazy trying to figure out what happened. I thought, maybe my IG just hasn’t updated in awhile and just now refreshed. Throughout the rest of the day, new followers just kept coming and I still hadn’t figured out what was going on.

Later that day I received an email from an editor over at The Huffington Post informing me that she had included Lot801 in one of her posts that day, “15 Super Cool Kids Clothing Brands that You and Your Little One Will Love“. I clicked on the article and there I was, #14. You better believe I cranked up some Eminem and danced my booty off for about an hour.

3. Press Makes You an Instant Expert

After landing a TV segment with Good Things Utah (a lifestyle show here in Salt Lake City), it was super easy to pitch other TV networks. Once one accepted me, it felt like they all accepted me. I’ve now also been on KSL Studio5 a few times. The first time I co-hosted a segment I was sweating my armpits soggy (ewww). Now I’m completely comfortable in front of the camera.

After recording my first segment with Studio5, I got home to an email from the producer asking if I’d be interested in becoming a regular contributor. You best believe I jumped right on that… heck YES! Now I rarely even have to pitch story ideas, they come to me with stories to cover. I’m now viewed as an expert in my industry and am trusted with stories that relate to my niche.

4. Press Gets You MAJOR Connections

I’ve made personal connections with many celebrities. I’ll never forget the day Jessica Alba started following me on Instagram (I almost fainted with excitement… she knows who I am?!?!). I’ve even received a few emails from celebrities themselves, not their assistants. We now exchange emails back and forth (how cool is that???).

I know many of the local editors and producers here too. I’ve made connections with many larger brands like Pottery Barn Kids, Gap, Old Navy, Target etc. Anytime I’m in need of product for a story or photo shoot, I’m able to contact them personally to get that product sent to me ASAP for free!

5. Press Grows Your Brand Exposure

And most importantly, I’ve gained brand exposure. People are hearing about my brand, coming to my website, watching me on TV. My brand is being heard! Which is the point of all of this. People can’t buy my products if they haven’t heard of them. My brand was able to finally get some recognition and raving fans.

I know you’re reading this thinking to yourself, this is cool and all but this could never happen to me. Trust me, I used to be in your shoes and think the very same thing! Well you’re in luck because I’m sharing with you a MAJOR “not so secret” secret resource I use to help me land some killer press coverage.

Have you heard of HARO? If you aren’t already using HARO, you’re missing out on some serious opportunities here to grow your brand. It’s a service that helps connect journalists and editors with people like YOU in order to finish the story they’re currently working on. Trust me… HARO is your new best friend and the best part is, it’s free. I’ve put together a complete step-by-step HARO guide here, to help get you started. I’ll show you exactly how to sign up, how to find good leads and exactly how to respond.

Comment below with your dream feature and let’s make it happen!

-Lindsay White

Owner/designer of Lot801, a children’s apparel line for the off-beat cool kids. After receiving tons of press and quickly growing her Instagram following to grow her brand, other small businesses started to take notice. The emails started to flood in asking how she landed this TV spot and that major magazine. This is when she started Lot801 Marketing where she shares tips and tricks with other entrepreneurs and small business owners to help grow their social media following and get press coverage to skyrocket sales. Join her newsletter for all Gangsta Bosses here to get the greatest and latest free tips and guides.

Lindsay White


The #1 resource for getting major press (+ a free step-by-step guide) from Dear Handmade Life

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