How to pack for craftcation + the ultimate conference packing list

After producing Craftcation for over a decade and attending several conferences as well, I’ve learned some tricks to help me make the most of my time at a conference. One of the big ones… packing smart!

I’ve teamed up with some of our staff to create this packing list for you to help you pack smart. Trust me, a little prep now will save you time running to Target to grab contact solution or a bathing suit for an impromptu hot tub & crochet session (JK, who could crochet in a hot tub? Well, come to think of it, we would at Craftcation!)

You can download the Craftcation Packing List here. Keep in mind that we didn’t include the basics like contact solution and undergarments but aimed to add things you may not have thought about like granola bars in your bag to fend off hunger in the middle of a class or a travel size sunscreen just in case.


There are a few things on there that took me some time to realize were lifesavers. For example:

  • An extension cord: you never know where the outlets are in a hotel room and you don’t want to end up crouched in a corner just to take notes on your laptop
  • An external battery pack for your phone: this is a must since some days you’re away from your hotel room for 10+ hours and draining your battery by checking in and sharing on social media
  • Pool float and bathing suit for relaxing – we’re at the beach, after all!

Of course you may have items to add or there may be some you don’t need. Feel free to use it as a base list and edit as needed.


I love these tips from our Craftcation Alum, Vennice James:

“Don’t start packing without checking the weather. Pack comfy walking shoes and clothes. If you’re going to do yoga bring your mat or at least a beach towel. As I mentioned earlier, I always pack an electric tea kettle so I can have unlimited coffee, tea, oatmeal and ramen. This saves me time and money. Drink emergency or vitamin C packs to keep your immune system up. Small crock pots, record players, and quilts have been spotted in crafter’s rooms. If you’re flying and or sharing a room head phones are essential! I also like a giant scarf that can double as a blanket or cover up.” –Vennice James

Happy Packing and see you at Craftcation!

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