diy craft: kitchen pegboard pot holder


you may remember this hanging pegboard kitchen storage solution from the post apartment therapy did on my old apartment in orange. i’ve relocated to northern california since then, but luckily, the space above my stove in my new house was perfect for it. i tend to always move into older spaces with charm but lacking cupboards, drawers and other storage spots in the kitchen– so this works well to help keep items i use often in easy reach. here’s how to make your own.
the measurements for this project can be adjusted to any size you need.

what to get:
pegs (as many as you want to hang things from your board)
paint (a quart should be plenty)
3 big screws with hole at the top to hang your board
4 screws to go through your 2 frame pieces at top and bottom (make sure they’re long enough to go through the pegboard and into the frame pieces but not too long so that they don’t stick out on the back)
2 pieces of wood as long as the width of your pegboard that are 1-2 inches wide and deep (these will frame the board at the top and bottom
drill or screwdriver if you’re a glutton for punishment
*all of this can purchased at your local hardware store and if you don’t have a saw at home, big chain hardware stores are usually happy to cut wood down to size for you

what to do:
-lay your pegboard down face up and position the top and bottom frame pieces of wood at the top and bottom of the pegboard
-drill 4 screws through the pegboard and into the top frame pieces
-repeat last step for the bottom frame piece
-hand screw the screw with holes at the top across the top of the pegboard and into the top frame piece
-paint your board
-hold it up to the wall where you want it to hang and using a pencil mark the spots where the screws with holes at the top are on the wall
-drill long screws (use anchors if there are no studs where you are hanging) into the wall in the places you marked with the pencil
-hang your board
-stick the pegs in your board and hang and display your kitchen essentials

the back of the hanging kitchen peboard storage

the hanging kitchen pegboard storage solution’s new home in northern california

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