DIY Dog Bed Cover

DIY Dog Bed Cover from Dear Handmade Life

Last year I was finally able to cross a big thing that had been on my life list for years and years. I build a backyard studio. Well… technically some guy who worked for the shed company showed up and built it for me BUT I did spiffy up the inside with paint, curtains and a pegboard for all my crafty tools. After 15 years of turning whatever free space (ie: dining room table, breakfast nook or guest room) into my crafty business office I finally had a space all to myself where instead of having to clean everything up so we could eat dinner or watch a movie all I had to do was close the door.

The only thing missing from my dream studio was a place for my dog Nina to hang out. I picked up a dog bed on sale at Target. It definitely did not fit my aesthetic and all the cuteness that I filled my studio with but it was cheap and I planned on making a cover for it. Sadly months and months and months went by and there my adorable dog sat on a not so adorable brown and beige dog bed. Last week I finally made time to repurpose some fabric we used in the décor at the last Craftcation Conference and created a dog bed cover. In less than an hour my dog had a cute place to hang out and keep me company in my studio. The best thing about this (other than how easy and quick it was to make) is that the cover is removable so I can wash it + Nina really seems to like it!

To check out the full tutorial head over to Bernina’s blog We All Sew.

-Nicole S.

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