DIY embroidery hoop enamel pin catcher

DIY embroidery hoop enamel pin catcher from Dear Handmade Life

Hello all, Joan here from Break + Remake. I’m here at Dear Handmade Life to show you how to make a pin catcher. It’s the perfect DIY to keep all those pins in one place (especially if your pin game is STRONG). The DIY embroidery hoop pin catcher keeps the fronts and backs of your pins together in one place. It also helps you avoid wall dings! The hoop is taller than the backings, so they don’t stick out. Make one of these and tag @DearHandmadeLife and @BreaknRemake on Instagram so we can see what you come up with!

DIY Pin Catcher from Dear Handmade Life


-Car print out (click on the image below and drag it to your desktop)DIY embroidery hoop pin catcher from Dear Handmade Life

Washi or other low stick tape

-8” embroidery hoop like this one

-12”x12” white or other light colored fabric, pre-washed and the measurement doesn’t have to be super exact it’s just a rough size.

-Pencil, black permanent marker and red permanent marker

Paint, use acrylic or fabric whatever you have around



-Hand sewing needle

-Fabric scissors

-A bit of string (like this) or yarn to hang the hoop


You can watch the video but here is step by step as well.

1. Print the car template out, and make sure it fits inside your embroidery hoop. Lay the hoop over the picture and see if any of it pops out of the hoop.

2. Tape the printout to the window, then tape the fabric over the print out. Make sure the fabric is centered.

3. Trace the template onto the fabric with a pencil.

4. Take the fabric off the window and lay on a flat work surface. Outline the car with a permanent maker.

5. When that’s done, mix paint to a nice robin’s egg blue, use white, blue and yellow paint. Paint inside the lines of your car.

6. When your car is dry, thread a needle and use a running stitch to finish the back of the hoop. Gather the fabric tight so it folds behind the hoop, tie a good knot in the thread so it doesn’t slip. Cut away the excess fabric.

7. Now you are ready to hang your pin catcher! Tie a piece of string or cute ribbon around the metal hoop adjuster and hang!

DIY embroidery hoop enamel pin catcher from Dear Handmade Life

DIY embroidery hoop enamel pin catcher from Dear Handmade Life

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