DIY photo backdrops

Editor’s Note: We’re beyond excited to welcome Rachel Smith of The Crafted Life as a Dear Handmade Life online workshop instructor. Her Photo Styling 101 workshop teaches you how to create stunning on-brand photographs for your blog, website, social media and online shop. Here’s an awesome tutorial from Rachel on how to create your own DIY colorful photo backdrops. -Nicole

 Photo Styling 101 online workshop with Rachel Smith of The Crafted Life on Dear Handmade Life

DIY photo backdrops from Dear Handmade Life

Last year I got totally burnt out on the whole starkness and sameness of the white backgrounds that I’d been using for all of our blog photos. Of course there are times where a while background is the perfect choice for the subject you’re photographing but when I noticed that I was getting bored with the same old white backdrop in our photos I figured that our readers likely felt the same way. I mixed up a few colors from some leftover house paint then painted it on some thin plywood that I picked up at the hardwood store and voila! I had a bunch of new backdrops that renewed my excitement in setting up photo shoots for our posts. I started using them in this post on how to make DIY glitter shoes last December and kept putting off doing a post about how I made the backdrops. Cut to six months later I saw a post on The Crafted Life on how to create your own DIY color photo backdrops. Rachel was sweet enough to let us share it here. For the full tutorial head over here to The Crafted Life. If you missed our other posts on how to create awesome photos for your blog or online shop you can check out Four tips for taking awesome online shop and blog photos and Three must-have photos to increase sales in your online shop .

-Nicole S.


DIY photo backdrops from Dear Handmade Life

*Want to take your online shop, website or blog photos to the next level? Click HERE to get a reminder when we release our Photo Styling 101 online workshop from Rachel Smith of The Crafted Life on December 1st.


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