DIY potted plush succulents

DIY potted plush succulents from Dear Handmade Life

During the first two years that I lived in my house I don’t think I stepped foot in my backyard more than a handful of times. It was a real shame considering the fact that my house is fairly small (800 square feet) and property is nearly 10 times that size which meant that there was a whole lot of wasted space behind my house. To be honest I was a little scared of my backyard. There were no lights, overgrown bushes and trees and the ground was covered in dry leaves that the few times I ventured out there would ominously crunch under my feet like a scene from a scary movie.

Our backyard transformation started when our rad landlord offered to pour us a patio. Then my husband began to tackle the behemoth of prickly bushes that grabbed at your ankles, several inches of fallen leaves covering the dirt and what seemed like miles of tangled ivy branches that tried to trip you as you walked. Slowly but surely with the addition of nearly a hundred potted plants ranging from small succulents perched on tables to citrus trees to wild tropical plants as well as a few string of patio lights our backyard had become the place we spend the most time in.

Every once in a while when my husband drags me to the nursery I’ll pick out a plant to add to the family of thriving greenery lining our patio. I promise my husband I’ll water it and I really do try (at least for the first few weeks). Then my predisposition to plant murder (Ie: a busy schedule and the fact that in the little free time I do have I’d rather do just about anything aside from standing in one place watering a plant) kicks in and within a month any plant I’ve bought has died.

I really wanted a plant for my studio (which I wrote about in my dog bed tutorial post) but after having been alive for nearly four decades I know myself pretty well and I know better than to add “water the plant” to my already lengthy to-do list. So, I made a plant that never has to be watered! Aside from how quick and easy this DIY project is, it’s also a sure-fire way to add a little greenery into your life without having to worry about taking care of it.

For the full tutorial head over here to the Bernina blog We All Sew.

DIY potted plush succulents from Dear Handmade Life

DIY potted plush succulents from Dear Handmade Life

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