Field Trip: Creativeworld at Messe Frankfurt

It has been a couple of years since I’ve been to our favorite international craft, art, and hobby trade fair, CreativeWorld at Messe Frankfurt and let me tell you it was so exciting to be back! Firstly, a fun fact! Messe Frankfurt has been a trade space for over 800 years! The gorgeous buildings there today are much different than what was there so long ago, but it was inspiring to be standing in a space that has been central to commerce and business for so many centuries.


This year was a little different than previous years and just as exciting! There were so many sections to explore such as

Ethical Style – focused on sustainable and eco-friendly options, this section was full of interesting and innovative supplies and tools.

Creative Academy – Where guests were learning the latest techniques using the newest materials there on offer. Classes were happening throughout the days of the trade fair and was well attended and fun. I listened in to the German/English demonstration about how to make resin doughnuts!


Trends 2024 – one of my favorite sections every year. the DIY sector showcasing hobbies and art supplies while showcasing handmade items from local artists and makers. This always gives me some great ideas to twist up into my current art making practices either with color combinations or adding in some fun new techniques. This year’s idea buzzing around my brain is to utilize new fabric markers to add hand drawn elements to my hand dyed textiles!


Creative Impulse Awards – This is where new items, machines, supplies, solutions are highlighted and awarded for all visitors to see.

While I am there mainly to report on CreativeWorld, there are also two other trade fairs happening simultaneously in the grand space of Messe Frankfurt. ChristmasWorld is the place for retailers around the world to put their orders in for their coming holiday shopping season. The displays and booths are extravagant and it’s fun to walk the aisles and hold onto a little piece of holiday cheer that was so recent in my mind. AmbienteWorld is the place for home and office retail vendors and if you’re into home décor and office supplies as much as me, you won’t be disappointed by walking these halls either.

A list of all the amazing suppliers who were vending at the fair can be found here.


If you have any interest in learning about new craft, making, and art supplies or want to understanding upcoming international trends in these fields, own a business utilizing any of these items, or just want a fun holiday to explore a fun and creative fair, I would highly recommend coming to CreativeWorld at Messe Frankfurt. Also, if you want any tips on other fun things to see while in Frankfurt, Germany, email me and let’s chat!

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