good words: do what makes you come alive

good words: do what makes you come alive

yesterday i took a few hours off and drove to the russian river. if i lived in a place where i could swim in the sea, i would have gone to the beach. but, i live in northern california–a place where beaches are meant to be seen, not swam in. that short time away from my computer was necessary. lately i’ve been thinking a lot about the benefits of downtime. i planned on not working at all but, of course i brought along some craftcation documents to edit as well as my sketchbooks so i could go over to-do lists and notes from meetings and conferences delilah and attended last year. sitting on the rocky shore of johnson’s beach surrounded by panoramic redwoods and pine trees, families passing bags of potato chips and teenagers updating their social media statuses, i flipped through all the amazingness i chronicled last year. i got super inspired by quotes from makers, writers and creatives i’d jotted down. naturally i felt the need to share all the awesomeness with you! so, starting now and continuing every monday afternoon, we’ll post these bits of inspiration accompanied by my drawings or photographs. we hope you enjoy these good words as much as we do. get out there and do what makes you come alive!

-nicole s.


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