Patchwork Show City Tour: Tustin

We are so excited to announce that Patchwork Show is coming back this year! While we still had to make adjustments to the scheduling and locations, we cannot wait to see all of you there! Introducing our newest Patchwork Show location… drum roll, please… TUSTIN, CA!! Our Southern California shows will now be an entire weekend (instead of just Sunday) and will now be in just one location – the charming and historic downtown area of Tustin! 

This area was built in the 1880s and still boasts some of the oldest buildings around. It is thriving and full of wonderful shops, restaurants and local artisans. When you stumble upon Old Town Tustin you will feel transported back to a time where neighbors looked out for one another, families pitched in together to build small businesses and friends are always welcome. So many Main Streets are disappearing across America but this one is still going strong (since 1868!). You can feel the way the small business owners in this area support each other while they build community that welcomes all. This quiet town will charm you while it feeds you, treats you, gives you wonders, and do it all while making you feel welcome and inspired to put down roots there. Join me on a small tour of some of our favorite places here.

115 W. Main Street

Sam Robertson had a vision during the coronavirus pandemic to create a bookstore/community center/workshop space/a cozy and welcoming meetup spot for locals and neighbors to connect, read, learn, and play. It is everything you can imagine and so much more. It is full of the smell of old books and new, cozy little nooks to read or study in, an incredible kids section that is designed like a tree house or getaway fort, and incorporates local makers’ hand goods too. Arvida offers writing workshops and craft classes. There’s even a series of pop-ups in the parking lot with a rotating list of vendors. White Sparrow Coffee is inside the shop and they provide the exact perfect accompaniment to the smells and sounds of books and people connecting…plus, their coffee is Ah-mazing! You’ll leave here with your arms full of  books, your mouth and tummy full of delicious coffee, and your heart full of the connection that good community always brings!

330 el camino real

Jason and Kim Le are the owners of this delightful space. Part cafe and part curated specialty boutique it is a gem of a find. This joint space with a shop full of feminine dresses, clothes and accessories on one side and a delightful cafe specializing in teas on the other side. The cafe offers an afternoon tea service that is incredible, a tea truck you can hire for parties, and although tea is their jam (ahem, see what I did there?), their lavender latte will definitely put a satisfied smile on your face!


Rich Elixirs is pouring fresh and local kombuchas featuring interesting flavor combinations along with their yummy menu of snacks and bites. Plus they have delicious vegan options!

honda ya
556 El Camino Real

Honda Ya is an original Japanese style restaurant that does not disappoint with the quality of their food and the genuine customer service.

158 W. Main Street

Rutabegorz serves up a little bit of everything from bagels, wraps, munchies, soups, lots of different drinks, and seasonal specialties.

611 El Camino Real

Roma D’Italia has been delighting patrons with authentic Italian cuisine for over 55 years. Definitely worth checking out!

245 el camino real

Farmer’s Market On Wednesdays from 9am – 1pm support local farmers and get freshly grown produce and locally made yummy snacks in the same lot that Patchwork will be in at 245 El Camino Real.

All photos courtesy of the businesses.

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