patchwork show: indie craft fair posters

patchwork show: indie craft fair posters

recently i wrote about the process of designing the posters for patchwork show. i thought i’d share the evolution of the posters from our first show until now. i designed all of them except for the bottom four which were designed by the amazing hillery sproatt. hillery is the daughter of our dear friend debra weiss of rebe and specks and keepings. check them both out to see the awesomeness of such a creative mother and daughter team, debra was my mentor when i started random nicole and i highly suggest you get to know her and her work. honestly, i can never thank debra enough for guidance and support she offered when i started my first handmade business. on that note, i hope you enjoy this flashback of patchwork show posters with us.

14-patchwork-festival-card-indie-craft-show-fair-festival13-patchwork-show-indie-craft-show-fair-festival-poster12-patchwork-show-handmade-modern-spring-2013-indie-craft-show-fair-festival11-fall-2012-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival10-spring-2012-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival9-fall-2011patchwork-show-postcard-indie-craft-show-fair-festival8-spring-2011-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival7-fall-2010-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival6-spring-2010-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival5-fall-2009-patchwork-show-poster-2-indie-craft-show-fair-festival4-fall-2009-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival3-spring-2009-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival2-fall-2008-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festival1-spring-2008-patchwork-show-poster-indie-craft-show-fair-festivalit’s pretty embarrassing but click at the end of this sentence to see our first ever patchwork card.

p.s. – our fall patchwork show applications are open through september 26th.

 which poster is your favorite?

-nicole s.


  1. love this post…it is amazing to see years of work come together and to see how talented you are Nicole!! lots of good memories, great people and design!
    GREAT JOB on the latest poster nicole- you are WERKING IT!!! XXOO
    and REBE ROCKS!!! visit her site and for sure shop from her- everything she does is amazing!!

  2. Thanks for putting up this post!! It’s an amazing overview of all the PatchWork posters. I’ve seen them roll out for each season/year/event… and always admired how creative and beautiful they all (each) were. But seeing them all together is like visiting a gallery of great works. Nicole-if you’re the artist behind these posters….just Wow!

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