Podcast 136: Uncovering the Unique Story of Your Brand & Creating Content That Aligns With It with Marina Girgis

Marina Girgis
"Most of the time people are unaware of what branding can do for them... Branding is how you attract & retain."

I started my first business by accident. All I was trying to do was pay my rent doing my own thing and utilize my creativity. I started selling my artwork which evolved into a line of accessories and eventually a clothing line called Random Nicole that was carried at over 250 stores around the world. 


The same way I accidentally started that business without a plan, my brand was also born. Me and my brand and my business were all tied up together. I was my brand and my brand was business. I was selling my stuff everywhere in those early days, hustling my fingers to the bone and saying yes to everything. Sometimes when I was out someone would recognize me from one of the places I sold and call out to me, Hey Random Nicole! I was no longer Nicole. I was Random Nicole and even now over a decade after I said goodbye to that business, some people still call me that. That brand was strong, so strong that it actually outlasted the business. 


If your business doesn’t have a strong sense of branding, it won’t survive. Finding the unique story behind your brand is what’s going to make it stand out in a crowd and create a loyal and authentic following. 


But, what if you don’t know what your brand’s story is yet? Or what if you do but you aren’t sure how to create content that aligns with it?


That’s why I bought branding expert Marina Girgis onto the podcast today. She’s going to guide you so you can create a memorable brand with staying power. 


Marina is a brand expert helping entrepreneurs and small business owners build pivot-proof and true-to-self personal brands to grow their platforms, make money, and live vivaciously! 



Marina’s ultimate goal is to empower women to overcome their limiting beliefs, face their fears, tell their stories, and live more freely despite gender and cultural norms.


Marina and I talk about finding what lights you up, vision mapping, finding your own idea of success, creating a lasting brand, discovering your brand’s mission and values and how you don’t have to wait for someone to give you the life you want but instead can create it for yourself.

Click the play button below or search for Dear Handmade Life on your favorite podcast app to listen. 

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