Podcast episode 19: 15 Films Every Creative Business Owner Must See

15 films every creative business owner must see from Dear Handmade Life

This week on the Dear Handmade Life podcast Delilah and Nicole share the second part of their podcast episode featuring 15 films that every creative business owner must see. From documentaries to television shows to mini-series to blockbuster hits to films we couldn’t let go of loving from the 1980s… we pay homage to one of Delilah’s favorite podcasts Filmspotting and talk about the movies that inspired us as business owners and creatives. Want to know our picks? Click below to listen. If you missed the first episode of this two-part series click here.

Have a suggestion for a drink, topic or guest you’d love to see featured on our the Dear Handmade Life podcast? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

-Delilah + Nicole

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  1. Hi ladies! After 11 minutes I can’t keep listening to episode 19 from the webpage, it freezes up! And this episode isn’t on iTunes! I really want to keep listening to the 15 movies list, some help would be great!

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