Podcast episode 20: When sh$t hits the fan with Erin Whitcomb

Erin Whitcomb on the Dear Handmade LIfe Podcast

This week on the Dear Handmade Life podcast we’re drinking a pineapple mojito and talking to Erin Whitcomb of Front Porch Pops. Erin Whitcomb moved to Orange County from Seattle in 2010 and started her first business, Front Porch Pops, a gourmet Popsicle and ice cream business in 2011. Four years later, she now has three brick and mortar locations and a fleet of 10 carts that do events all over Southern California, along with new two ventures: Torch S’more Co. and Greetings & Salutations. When she’s not cooking up sweet treats, you’ll find her gushing over The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or explaining how mastering Settlers of Catan is just as good as getting an MBA.

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-Delilah + Nicole

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Erin Whitcomb on the Dear Handmade LIfe Podcast


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