Podcast episode 23: The Art of Negotiation with Ayesha Mahapatra

The Art of Negotiation with Ayesha Mahapatra on The Dear Handmade Life podcast

This week on the Dear Handmade Life podcast we’re drinking a Cayman Jack bottled margarita and talking to Ayesha Mahapatra about the art of negotiation. Negotiation seems like term left for the boardrooms of Silicon Valley but it’s actually is a skill that is a part of everyday life. Whether you’re negotiating a salary, commission for a wholesale rep, the price of your products or if you’re trying to convince your child to eat vegetables or your partner to watch your favorite show… this episode covers it all. In this episode, Delilah and Nicole talk to attorney Ayshea Mahapatra about the fine art of negotiation: our feelings, fears, skill or lack thereof when asking for what we want. Better yet we explore how to get over your fear of asking for what you want, how to cope if you don’t get it and how to prepare for your big negotiation conversations.

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P.S. Here are links to a few things we mentioned in the episode: the Harvard Business Review article on women asking in the workplace, BonLook glasses and rain barrels at Costco (the one we got is only available in the store not online) but this one on Amazon is similar.

-Delilah + Nicole

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The Art of Negotiation with Ayesha Mahapatra on The Dear Handmade Life podcast

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