Podcast Episode 46: Personal politics + Business with Anna Joyce

Dear Handmade Life podcast personal politics and your business with Anna Joyce
Today on The Dear Handmade Life podcast we’re drinking a beer shandy and talking about a heated subject: sharing about your personal beliefs and politics in your business and on your businesses’ social media. We know this is a sensitive topic for many people (including us). While our goal in this episode is to address balancing your personal beliefs and politics with your business, some political views emerged during our unscripted conversation. If you’re feeling emotionally raw or don’t want to potentially hear views that may be different than your own, we urge you to skip this episode. The views shared in this episode don’t necessarily reflect those of Dear Handmade Life or our sponsors. 

“Not everyone is able to use their businesses as a platform to share their opinions, nor do they want to. Sharing complicated issues on social media is not easy for many. Some feel it’s NOT their job. Others feel it’s imperative. Where does one draw the line when it comes to a very real livelihood?” –Meighan O’Toole

Social media has created a forum for us to not only share about our businesses and lives but also our personal beliefs and politics. When something upsets us and we want to scream about it – we now have a way to do that – right that second. But should you keep your personal politics separate from your business? Or is your business so closely tied to you or are your beliefs so strong that you can’t help but share them with your audience?

Today we’re talking about this with Craftcation 2017 presenter Anna Joyce who doesn’t shy away from not only sharing her political views and personal life on social media but has added products to her collection that reflect her views.

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-Delilah + Nicole


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