Podcast episode 7: Competition with Jeanette Champion-Fanning

Competition with Jeanette Champion Fanning on the Dear Handmade Life podcast

This week on the Dear Handmade Life podcast we share our recipe for a Chai + Bourbon Cream and talk to our friend/the genius behind Sweet Perversion Jeanette Champion-Fanning about competition. Jeanette Champion-Fanning makes snarky paper goods under Sweet Perversion, and was one of the first handmade card sellers on Etsy. Things have grown much more crowded since then. We talk with Jeanette about what it feels like to have competition, comparing yourself to others, copying vs. being inspired, and how to keep all that friendly.

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-Delilah + Nicole

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To make a Chai and + Bourbon Cream just add bourbon cream (use the same amount as you would of regular cream) to a cup of chai tea. You can find our vegan and dairy versions of bourbon cream here.


  1. Thank you so much for this podcast!!!! I can relate to this so much…as an future Etsy seller I can say it’s been 4 years of total analysis paralysis at the competition where some days I don’t think it’s worth it. Thankfully 2015 I told myself that I don’t want to hold myself back anymore from it, just have to put on the blinders to the competition and get my creative voice out there. Sounds like you all had fun recording this, I wish you guys were on my radio on my morning commute!!

    xoxox, Naomi | bunnyandfawn.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Naomi!
      So glad that you made that change- competition can really set you back and does you and your business no favors.
      Glad you are enjoying the episodes and thank you for listening!

  2. This episode is such an eye-opener. I recently started to hand-draw clipart and also creating different illustrations. I started drawing just last year (I didn’t know I could do that!) and I’ve evolved quickly. I can definitely draw but I am still searching for my style. What I found is exactly what you talk about in this episode, an overwhelming number of people who are doing similar stuff. I am terrified of inadvertingly copying someone. I try to be super mindful of where my inspiration is taking me.

    As someone who is begining, it is really difficult to find help. I want to do the work. I’m doing the work but at times I get stuck and I post questions to the etsy boards, or on facebook groups, or I approach someone to ask a question and many times, I get shut out. I once wrote to this watercolor artist. I was super respectful, I told her I admired her work and I asked her if she knew of a good watercolor online class, not the typical learn-to-paint-landscape. Her answer was insensitive, patronizing and basically made me feel like shit in a sort of passive agressive way. As I listened to this podcast, I completely understand how someone after years of work, doesn’t appreciate it when someone just pops a “how to” question… however, people who are starting out like me, sometimes we really get stuck along the way…

    I also appreciated so much that you talked about using other people’s quotes on your stuff. I’ve always felt like it was wrong, but at the same time, certain quotes can really become part of a complete new body of work. It was super interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on this.

    Anyway, I’m super happy to have found this podcast. I really enjoyed it!

    1. Luisa,

      thanks for this AWESOME comment!
      so much stuff here- but really happy that you liked the episode 🙂
      shutting out: i am bummed that you got that reception from the other artist- i’ll let you know if i can find a good class for you if you want to email me (delilah(at)dearhandmadelife (dot)com). there is definitely a difference between asking a question and asking about the whole operation of a business. i don’t want to be all hardcore Craftcation conference but honestly the reason why people like it so much is the overwhelming amount support, encouragement and education. i was just reading a thank you letter from an attendee saying ” [thank you for] creating one where meaningful conversations can take place, lasting connections made, and SUCH fun to be had.
      Know that you have a community here!

  3. LOVE THIS PODCAST! I was cracking up at “Bitches be stealin’ my shit!” I’ve had to slow down on pursuing those people because it sucks so much time and energy from my business. Plus, they do it SO TERRIBLY. I actually found a Comic Sans ripoff once. And it was offensive. It’s nice to hear that if you’re getting competition (and ripoffs!) that you’re doing something right. Great chat. I really enjoyed it.

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