Podcast Episode 86: Mental Health, Creatives and Business with Sara McNally

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Today on the Dear Handmade Life podcast I’m talking to Sara McNally, the owner of Constellation & Co about mental health, creatives and business. I chat with Sara about her struggle to be honest about her anxiety and how her cards are a part of that, we share some of our go-to coping skills and we also talk about some general business stuff like the importance of knowing and staying true to yourself, how saying yes and no to opportunities evolves over times and setting boundaries.  

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  1. I loved the latest episode of your Podcast and wanted to leave a review (5 stars of course). I used the link you provided, which took me to iTunes and a list of all of your podcasts. I was able to read reviews, but there was no option provided to be able to leave a review or rating. No link, no button. I did try several times to get in, using the links you provided, but to no avail.

  2. Hi Star! So glad you liked the episode. 🙂 To leave a review you need to be in iTunes and unfortunately you can’t link directly to an app (ie: iTunes) from a webpage so the link goes to a web browser version of iTunes in which you can click on “Open in iTunes” and then you’ll be taken to iTunes where you can leave a review. I’m going to add a note about this to the podcast posts moving forward. 🙂 I’ve also created this pdf that goes through how to leave a review step by step. 🙂 https://dearhandmadelife.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/how-to-leave-a-review-for-our-podcast.pdf

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