Printing the perfect business card + an Oubly giveaway

I remember my mother sitting at the kitchen table clipping coupons for hours when I was a kid. I’d be in the living room half-watching one of my favorite shows like Three’s Company or Punky Brewster while I agonized over my math homework. I hated math and always saved it for the end of the night. I still tend to save my least favorite tasks for the end of the day despite the advice from I’ve gotten from business coaches and experts who say do your least favorite/hardest/thing that requires the most creative thought first when you’re not tired and your mind is fresh.

So there I’d be, cursing whoever invented fractions, while my mom turned the pages of the weekly coupon mailer, cut out coupons and filed them away in her tabbed box that we never entered a grocery store without. Back then, it was just the two of us and every penny counted. My mom loved a good bargain but she also didn’t mind paying a little more for something special that she knew would last.

I hunt for bargains and splurge when it makes sense just like my mom did. Buying organic produce at my local farmers market costs a little more but it’s worth it to know I’m eating something pesticide-free and supporting farmers in my area. I love finding a great deal on something but I also think it’s important to put some thought into what I’m buying. I don’t just think about where it comes from but I also think about the quality of what I’m buying.

In the past, when I’ve searched for a place to print my business cards, I always put low prices ahead of everything else. My main concern was the cost per card not the quality of the card. A business card is just a business card, right? That’s what I thought until I received some cards I ordered from our friends at Oubly. Oubly is an online platform that offers stylish personalized stationery cards as well as printed goods for your business.

Oubly is sweetly offering five of our readers a chance to win 100 edge business cards. Of course, I wanted to test out Oubly’s printing and quality so I designed a business card for my friend Kari Chapin (Craftcation Conference presenter, business consultant and best-selling author of The Handmade Marketplace, 2nd Edition: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online, Grow Your Handmade Business: How to Envision, Develop, and Sustain a Successful Creative Business and co-author of Feltlicious: Needle-Felted Treats to Make & Give) who I’ve been doing some freelance illustration work with my design business, Show + Tell Design Studio. Kari sent me an image of her old business card and I took a drawing I did of her then combined the two ideas and added some color and viola! I had a design ready to print that Kari and I both loved.

I’ve designed and ordered business cards for myself and my clients for years and I always get really excited when the cards arrive. Receiving the finished cards I ordered for Kari from Oubly was no exception. Once I opened the box I realized the difference between other printers and Oubly. My box from Oubly didn’t just contain business cards but held the most lovely thick professional business cards I’ve ever had printed, along with stickers, a thank you note and a card letting me know that my business cards were printed on paper manufactured with wind power and eco-friendly inks. Plus Oubly included two boxes to hold the business cards: one large box that closes with a magnet and a small box perfect to slip in my purse or have on a table at a craft show.

It’s easy to get caught up on price instead of quality when ordering business cards but just like buying local organic produce but it’s important to consider what you’re getting for what you’re paying. Although the cards I ordered from Oubly were a little pricier than what I was used to, they are SOOOO worth it! Your business card is a reflection of you, your business and your branding and it’s key to be sure that it embodies all of those things.

Think about the business cards you’ve been given and then think about the ones you’ve held onto. I always keep the ones that are a little bit different. Don’t have a business card design ready to go? No worries, Oubly also offers cool templates that you can plug your contact info into. I’m so excited to send Kari’s cards to her. I know she’ll love not only the design but the cards themselves. Plus I can’t wait to design some new cards for my mom’s jewelry business and have Oubly print them. I know she’ll appreciate the awesome quality of Oubly’s cards.

Want to win 100 edge painted Oubly cards of your very own? Just leave a comment on this post by September 10th telling us about your favorite thing you’ve purchased or been given recently. Make sure to include your email address so we can hook you up with some fancy new business cards. We’ll randomly choose five winners.

-Nicole S.

The contest is now closed.  Congrats to our five winners:

Heather, Sage, Esta, Laura, and Spinfoolish!

Edge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade LifeEdge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade Life

Edge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade LifeEdge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade LifeEdge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade Life

Edge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade LifeEdge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade LifeEdge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade Life


Edge painted business cards from Oubly designed for Kari Chapin by Show + Tell Design Studio on Dear Handmade Life



  1. Oh, NICOLE! These business cards are incredible! I gave one to a friend last night and the first thing he said was: “Wow! These feel expensive!” I had never really felt proud of a card before, but I sure do with these. Thank you so much for using me as your example. I love them!

  2. My favorite recent purchase is a bangle I bought last month in Kenya. There are so many memories of my adventures from the trip that are now lovingly attached to the bracelet, that every time I wear it I think of not just the bracelet and the experience of buying it, but also of all of the other great memories!

  3. Hi Nicole! The cards look wonderful! The best things I’ve recently purchased are the 75 cent tea towels from Ikea which I turned into kitchen curtains using the curtain clips also from Ikea. With all the fun tea towels available, I can easily switch them out whenever my tiny kitchen needs a change =)

  4. The best thing I recently got was the book that Kari wrote. I know that sounds cheesy, but my boyfriend got me the book. He got me the book because he believes in my business. I really enjoy the book because it has great information to start my own business. I have learned so much. It has been one of my favorite things that I have recently received.

  5. I purchased 4 handmade fabric wristlets from a friend’s business (Three In the Nest). Three will be Christmas presents, one for me. My husband was confused because I am also in advance hour. He asked me into that yourself. I answered no because I don’t have all of these gorgeous fabrics. I love and adore mine and handmade is always sweeter when you know the hands that did the stitching.

  6. Couldn’t agree more, you pay for what you get. These cards look beautiful and the little extras make such a difference. I can only hope once my business is up and running I will be able to emulate these wonderful qualities.

  7. These cards are so creative and are unforgettable to anyone you hand them to. Love it!! As for as best thing I have been given recently, my husband bought me a bright colored weaved fabric twine bench for my craft corner. It looks handmade and brings color and character to my favorite space.

  8. I recently purchased the most darling hat with a veil to do a photo shoot with my niece. We picked it out together along with dresses and shoes. Besides having a blast playing dress up, I also got to create memories that will last a life time.

  9. Lovely cards. I especially like the section for notes. In order to make my bathroom wheelchair accessible I lost a considerable amount of storage space. I recently purchased a basket that fits perfectly in my bathroom below the grab bar. I smile every time I look at the basket.

  10. Love love love these!!! Let’s see…the last thing I bought was a picture book about Frida Kahlo for a student of mine who turned four yesterday! It’s has imaginative illustrations AND was available in Spanish!

  11. Hi Nicole! These cards look amazing! My most recent favorite purchase was a Fitbit Flex. I love it so much because it motivates me to get up and be active. I have been successful with my daily goals which means that this gift to myself is the gift that keeps giving back. Have a great day!

  12. I was just recently given a new drum carder (to process fiber for spinning). It’s really old (although not an antique) but it works really well and has given me a lot of new abilities with my hand dyed fiber! Super excited to have this when the person who gave it to me told me it didn’t work and was way too old to be useful! WOO HOO!

  13. My MIL gave me an ice cream scoop with an elk horn handle…. It sounds silly, but it is my first elk horn accessory in our new home in CO. Love it and her!

  14. Recently, I purchased a package of peach apricot honeybush (decaf) tea from the Tea Embassy…..and I love it!

  15. The most recent thing I purchased is a pair of Ivanka Trump heals. I don’t normally wear heals but I love these ones as they are graphic and would make a statement on my feet.

  16. My favorite thing I’ve purchased recently was actually something I got for free – a stack of old books with wonderful covers from my local recycling center that I’ll repurpose into lots of wonderful things! Boxes, trivets, wall art – the sky’s the limit!

  17. It’s a little silly, but I bought this little mat that catches the water under and around my dog’s bowl. She’s a messy drinker and it drove me crazy coming into the kitchen and slipping in the water all the time! This little mat has made the last week so much better. Sometimes it’s the little things… My favorite thing I’ve been gifted recently is a beautiful handcrafted crystal vase. It was a gift from a sweet woman who knew me when I was a child – she used to run a fine antiques store next to my parents’ business and I would roam the aisles trying not to touch anything. She found out that I got married and suddenly there was this vase and a really sweet note at my door. I was so touched!

  18. I love the post and the cute cards you designed! The best thing I’ve ordered lately were pin-back buttons from Beth of All Trades on Etsy. I crocheted the design for the buttons and couldn’t be happier with the final cuteness.

  19. I recently purchased art supplies for my son to craft greeting cards for his grandparents for today. I also craft and teach craft classes to kids, so those supplies extend for that purpose as well.

  20. This business cards are looking really really amazing and pretty. I will definitely order one set cards from you, because it’s have a uniqueness while comparing with others.

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