Patchwork Show Sebastopol Spring 2024 – RECAP

Patchwork Show in Sebastapol this past weekend began in the early hours with the mistiness that is typical for the Spring in Sonoma County. It was just a little chilly and a bit breezy. We set up alongside the UC Master Gardener’s Club and Sebastapol Center for the Arts ceramic artists. We had a lot of visitors throughout the day even before our vendors were done setting up. We had some fantastic activities throughout the show including a patch stitiching station with Sonoma County Sewing Company, jewelry making with Seeker Studio, a kid’s playzone including Pickler Triangle, wobble board, chalk, sensory rice bin and coloring with Sonoma Mama, making finger puppets with Utku Kids, Nature inspired lino block printing with Sam Blake Design.


Our partners Sebastapol Center for the Arts had so many fun workshops and activities going on that added to the fun fair feeling of the day. There was Clay Play on the Ceramics Patio, a Kid’s Art Corner outside by the painting room, collage making, an Abstract Artist lab, art demonstrations, rock band performances, Young Voices concert, the SDFF Film Lounge in the Fireside room, and a Meet our 2024 Incubator Artists. Our guests met up with their guests for a big day of fun activations and lots of shopping with local makers.


The show season continues next weekend in Long Beach at Marine Stadium right on the water where we’re looking forward to perfectly blue skies and a fun day ahead!


See you next weekend in our largest show of the season!



See even more photos of our awesome day in Tustin here.

Photos courtesy of Nik Vandeventer

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