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Dear Handmade Life Online DIY + Creative Business Workshops

Even after teaching for nearly 20 years I still get that same awe-inspired excitement when I see one of my students have an ah-ha moment when they learn a new skill. I love watching people’s faces light up when they discover their hidden talents and tap into their creativity.

Being creative connects me with myself and the world around me. I feel more aware and inspired by my life. I feel more present in the moment when I’m making something. Then when I look at what I’ve made or share it with other people I get this awesome sense of pride and accomplishment. I love teaching because it allows me to empower other people with the skills they need to get that same awesome feeling.

Two years ago I took a break from teaching to focus my time on growing other areas of our business. I’ve deeply missed it. I get my teaching fix once a year at our Craftcation Conference, but it’s not enough. Delilah and I started talking about ways we could share our message of making and creative entrepreneurship with a wider audience and Dear Handmade Life online workshops were born!

Our online workshops will feature the same amazing things that our in-person workshops at Craftcation have but you can take them at home and work at your own pace. These workshops focus on building your craft and food DIY skills as well as starting, maintaining or growing your creative business. We’re so excited to share all this awesomeness with you! We’ve also invited some of your favorite Craftcation instructors as well as expert teachers to bring you awesome content through written chapters, photos, videos, downloadable worksheets, resources and discussion forums.

We can’t wait to share our first round of online workshops with you this summer!

Our upcoming online workshops include:

Sketchbook Adventures – Click HERE to see a video preview of this workshop.

The Home Artisan Bar – Click HERE to see a video preview of this workshop.

Craft Show Success – Click HERE to see a video preview of this workshop.

If you want to be more creative, are thinking of starting a creative business, or are looking to take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level be sure you join our mailing list so you can be the first to know when our workshops are live as well as be notified about special discounts and giveaways.

-Nicole S.

Craft Show Success Online Workshop- Make sales and build your business, confidence + community through selling at craft showsThe Home Artisan Bar Online Workshop- Master craft cocktails and build your artisan home bar from scratchSketchbook Adventures Online Workshop- Build your creative skills and confidence as you explore your life through making art

P.S. – Starting June 15th you can catch up with Dear Handmade Life on all social media networks with the Dear Handmade Life handle. We’re combining our Patchwork Show and Craftcation Conference Facebook and Twitter pages to make it easier for you to find us and we’ll be @dearhandmadelife on all social media.


  1. Yay! SO exciting! I was coloring for fun for the first time in like months yesterday and it was the best feeling. The sketchbook adventures class looks like it is right up my alley. Looking forward to your workshops ladies! XO

  2. Sign me up for the list of those interested in the classes. I can’t wait! They look wonderful.

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