los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-lavenderLast year I found out about an old lavender farm in Albuquerque called the Los Poblanos Inn. Los Poblanos is completely my style! This past summer when Gustavo (the hubs) and I went on our annual trip to the 127 Yard Sale we decided to take a short break from the seven or more hours a day of driving and constant packing/repacking/reorganizing/shifting around of various items that we collected on the road and check out Los Poblanos. Our stay there was a little “minimoon” since we couldn’t go on an official honeymoon until the end of the year (or it might be next summer with the way our schedules are).

los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-tabby-cat-red-orange los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-biscuit-jam-preserveslos-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-white-greenhouse los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-terracotta-pot los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-star-shaped-fountainCheck out the some of the images from our little break from the road. The property boasts a farm (serving items from the garden), a large lavender farm (the air everywhere has a slight perfume to it), a saltwater pool, a flower garden and an ADORABLE farm store where we bought a few more goodies to stuff in our car. The farm also has a few peacocks just wandering around. One of them, an ivory peacock was always hanging out around our room and he became my buddy during our stay!


los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-green-tree-path-lined los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-water-silo-white-red-tractor los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-water-siloThe inn also has a beautiful little restaurant that serves a rotating breakfast menu (changing daily) and an incredible dinner highlighting the farm, local New Mexico ranchers/growers and of course lavender. We celebrated the end of our trip with a bottle of bubbly- from New Mexico of course!

los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-shop-plant-store los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-breakfast-egg los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-white-bird-peacockI highly suggest visiting Los Poblanos. It’s a special little place and a perfect retreat if you are looking for something different. If it is out of your budget to stay there, the restaurant and farm store are open to the public and are well worth the visit!

-Delilah Snell

los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-yellow-sunflower-blue-sky-clouds los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-dried-chilis los-poblanos-inn-Albuquerque-new-mexico-dear-handmade-life-seed-beads


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