How To Make a DIY Carved Rubber Stamp


2006 was a great year for me, craft wise. I had recently discovered a gem of a website that provided a platform for makers to sell their handmade goods (Etsy!), and I found myself more and more smitten with all of the wonderful craft blogs that were popping up. Though I had many friends through […]


Maker: Dayna of Foxboxes

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These vintage inspired flasks make it hard to keep with the original intent of discrete pocket wear when you see them. You will want to show them to your friends, and display them on a shelf instead of tucking them away inside your pants’ pocket or purse. Meet Dayna of Foxboxes and check out her […]


8 lovely plant + succulent diy craft tutorials


“want to smell some curry?” delilah asked holding a leaf up to my nose. we were standing in her backyard garden nearly a decade ago. i’d never been in a garden like that, where you could eat pretty much anything. i got my food from a grocery store and embarrassingly had no idea that curry […]


how to make nectarine pico de gallo


Every time I have a surplus of tortilla chips in the house, I automatically start making pico de gallo. I don’t know exactly where the recipe came from, but I have been making it for years. I don’t have an exact measurement for it because, like many of the things I cook, I add things […]


maker: Jenny rae from lil rae cakes


Jenny Rae’s cake ball creations are like a wonderful combination of the perfect bite of cake, the cutely decorated cupcake and the properly presented truffle. Talk about a little bit of heaven! And the best part? She shows up in different themed outfits when she delivers the cake balls. I can imagine that her customers […]


Three Tips to Get Creatives Inspired This Summer


As a North Easterner I’m attuned to the changing seasons. I think of winter as the time for hunkering down and honing a skill and summer as a stretch of languid days full of drinking lemonade and going to the beach. However, for makers and handmade business owners summer can be a time to reconnect, […]


how to make to a painted geometric wood necklace


a few days ago someone asked me, “what’s the thing you do that when you do it you lose track of time and your mind feels relaxed but focused?” i know this question pretty well since i’ve read my fair share of books on discovering your perfect career. the answer has changed as i’ve changed, […]


maker: Zoe of Girl with the Flower


A friend recently told me “I love looking around your house. There’s so many unexpected things to see. It’s always fun to find them!” I’m not sure if she was talking about my son’s lego creations on my mantle shelf, the framed mirrors hanging on my backyard fence, the drinking fountain that we installed in […]


maker: Rhea and Sarah of Echo Chamber


Rhea and Sarah are embarking on a new adventure as their pop-up creative space, Echo chamber, is on the verge of starting up. This is a two-for-one interview….enjoy hearing from both of these artful creatives and go check out their new space when it launches on July 3rd! ~angie~ Please introduce yourself! Rhea: My name […]


june diy + business book club and giveaway


there are few things i love more about summer than getting to be near a body of water. there’s something transformative and centering about spending an afternoon next to a lake, river, pool or ocean. sitting back, relaxing and being present in the moment doesn’t come easily to me. however when i’m on the bank […]