Before 127 Yard Sale: Louisville Day 1

Editor’s Note: This post is a part of our series on Delilah’s annual trip to the 127 yard sale. We’ll be back next week with DIY projects, recipes, inspiration and business tips. -Nicole S.

127-yard-corridor-sale-palace-Louisville-dear-handmade-lifeLast year was our first visit to Louisville (pronounced “LOOAVUL”), and in the 36 hours we were there, we got HOOKED. This year, we trekked out to Kentucky in less than 48 hours so that we could stay in Louisville for three evenings. The outcome: it was beyond worth it and I can’t wait to be in a car for two days again!

The next two posts are reviews of the places we visited. We hope that when you visit Louisville, you will do the same!

127-yard-sale-corridor-garage-sale-worlds-longest-dear-handmade-life-the-Seelbach-Hotel-historic 127-yard-sale-corridor-garage-sale-worlds-longest-dear-handmade-life-the-Seelbach-Hotel-historic-champagne-glass THE SEELBACH:

This year we decided to stay at the Seelbach Hotel with a historic past and a drink named after this beautiful establishment, it was a must for us to stay!

The hotel is beautiful but if I had to do a battle of “rad historic hotels” I would have to say The Brown is the place to go. See below for why. I would still have a Seelbach cocktail there any day. In fact, i am going to look for a recipe when I return home.

127-sale-yard-garage-historic-corridor-dear-handmade-life-kentucky-whiskey-bottleSHOPPING ON 4th:

We stopped by a few places next to The Seelbach. One of them, Handmade Block Party focused on items from Kentucky makers, kind of like a little Patchwork Show. At the Handmade Block Party we picked up some locally-made soy and Worcestershire sauce. I cant wait to try them when we get home!


I posted a meal from this amazing place on Instagram. If you are in Louisville and love tea- you must visit Hillbilly Tea! A great tea selection made its way to the cocktail menu (HI! mimosa and green tea awesomeness) and most of the food is modern-southern. The décor is very 127 yard sale with a number of rustic and worn pieces but the space is light. I will for sure be working on a few tea-inspired recipes when we get home!

127-sale-corridor-kentucky-louisville-dear-handmade-life-evan-williams-bourbon127-sale-corridor-kentucky-louisville-dear-handmade-life-evan-williams-bourbonEVAN WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE:

A short walk from the Seelbach is the Evan Williams Experience, where you can have a tour of the oldest bourbon distillery, sample a few bottles and see, what in my opinion is the best part: a gigantic fountain that is a bottle pouring a glass of bourbon!! PURE. BRILLIANCE. If you can’t make it to any of the distilleries on the Bourbon Trail, I suggest paying the $12 for the tour.

127-sale-corridor-kentucky-louisville-dear-handmade-life-evan-williams-bourbon127-sale-corridor-kentucky-louisville-dear-handmade-life-evan-williams-bourbon127-sale-corridor-kentucky-louisville-dear-handmade-life-evan-williams-bourbonTHE BROWN HOTEL

Last year, we stayed at The Brown Hotel. The Brown Hotel is where I learned about the Man o’ War, my favorite cocktail. We decided to have a few cocktails there and take advantage of their free Internet, the Seelbach charges for Wi-Fi. Four cocktails later, we decided to have dinner and stumbled back to our hotel- it was a good time (even though the husband had a major hangover the next day)! Unfortunately, the Man o’ War was not on the menu, The Brown changes their menu seasonally, incorporating a number of old Southern cocktails and southern twists to others. Either way… fantastic!

If you are thinking of staying in downtown Louisville and considering The Brown or Seelbach- put your money on The Brown. The bar food is tasty, rooms are much bigger, cocktails creative, free Wi-Fi and it is cheaper! The money you’ll save can buy you a cocktail or several at the Seelbach.

Tomorrow I will post about our second day in Louisville!

-Delilah Snell

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