Before 127 Yard Sale: Louisville Day 2

127-yard-sale-louisville-revelryGustavo (the hubs), was a little hungover from the day before so we spent most of the morning reviving him from being a zombie (LOL). Once he was human again, we decided to head over to the East Market Street District or “NuLu”. We visited the area the year before but only spent a short time there. Check out the garden that was next to the parking lot! #awesome


This adorable boutique and gallery is a shop with three parts: boutique filled with local artists (check out the Louisville map necklace!), a smaller area filled with local prints from the floor to the ceiling and a gallery with rotating shows. There is a little something for everyone on any budget. What I loved the most was the super-friendly dog Major who was hanging out right in front of the door. We purchased a print, cute green necklace and a simple hammered bracelet.


Last year we peeked our heads in but never dined at this farm-to-table restaurant where 80% of the ingredients come from within a 100-mile radius. BOY DID WE MISS OUT!! Everything was spectacular, colorful, fresh and creative. It was so good that later that day we joined a friend there for dinner! The service (something that I am always observing) was on-point and knowledgeable. They treated us like regulars and seemed delighted when they saw that we had returned. I can’t believe they even remembered us! The back-end of the restaurant had a large tack board with farm profiles and a big map of the region with little pins displaying the locations of the farms involved. The walls were decorated with enlarged beautiful portraits of farmers and one chicken leading to the kitchen! You really got the feeling of connection and friendship as you looked at the images while you were sitting in the dining room, it was such a treat!

127-yard-sale-louisville-shuckmans-fish-companySHUCKMAN’S FISH COMPANY & SMOKERY

Gustavo found this local fishery/smoker via the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA). I urge you to visit the SFA webpage when visiting the South, you will find a number of treasures just like we did with Shuckman’s. The retail space is small but the staff is big on heart and we had the pleasure of chatting with the owner while buying smoked blue cheese, smoked fish and Kentucky CAVIAR!

127-yard-sale-louisville-joe-ley-antiques127-yard-sale-louisville-joe-ley-antiques127-yard-sale-louisville-joe-ley-antiques127-yard-sale-louisville-joe-ley-antiquesJOE LEY ANTIQUES

We headed back to NuLu after Shuckman’s and while walking down Market Street we noticed this HUGE house that said Joe Ley Antiques. Little did we know when we walked in that this place was the largest antique store we had ever been to, incorporating three floors, patios and a warehouse filled to the brim with literally everything under the sun! It was hard not to go crazy there but since we were heading to the Worlds Longest Yard Sale in a few days we had to restrain ourselves. BUT if you are visiting Louisville any other time, you have to check it out! There is a huge amount of home fixtures if you are restoring your home, studio or office. The image of a slip of paper is their pricing guide and as soon as you walk in, there is a fellow who will explain it to you!

After another trip to Harvest, we headed back to the hotel and to a few more seelbachs (the awesome drink I mentioned yesterday) before heading to bed on our last night in Louisville- we can’t wait for next year!

-Delilah Snell

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