127 yard sale: what to bring!

I know it seems like, “yeah it is pretty obvious what to pack- you are going on a road trip-duh!” However, I have found some things helpful to bring along the way for the simple reason: why are you buying something that you already have at home- spend that money at the yard sale!  Here’s my list:

we left at 3am on sunday, this was the sun rising in arizona.
we left at 3am on sunday, this was the sun rising in arizona.

IN THE CAR: yeah, yeah I know, you know what to bring in a car- but again never hurts to say the following

  • snacks: I can’t live on fried food, especially in the INTENSE heat/humidity (bet on that!), I need to eat on the lighter side.  Get a cooler and extra bag of your favorite items from home (for sure if you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc…). you don’t want to spend time looking for food you can eat, you want to spend it shopping and I would highly advise not driving around too much at night.
  • More snacks: because we spend the first 2-3 days putting down miles, I actually prepare a few cold salads (pasta, orzo, bean salads, cold chopped tomatoes), lots of fruit to chill in the cooler. I also bring lunch meats (for him) veggie spreads and cheese (me) and I make sandwiches while on the move. This actually comes in handy because we usually have some leftover by the time we hit 127 and snack on them during the sale. Usually only  crackers and popcorn are left by the time we head home.
  • Drinks: I cannot express the heat/humidity enough. I always have cold water and a favorite juice or natural soda in the bottom of the cooler and I drain the cooler every morning before we leave and fill it with ice from the hotel before heading off.  Sometimes it is so hot you just want a cold water bottle on your neck!  Thank me later J
  • Basic kitchen items: large spoons for serving that salad, sharp knife (I have a small one with a cover), an extra set of utensils for everyone in the car, small scissors (to open things), wine/bottle opener combo, kitchen towels (for the driver- in case they spill food/drink on the road, roll of paper towels, a few extra cups (disposable or non),..i even bring a small cutting board (cutting fruit from the fruit stand, etc…
  • Chargers/Sirius/other tech: you want to be entertained, make it easy on yourself. Download you fave podcasts, bring a book to listen to…we love Sirius because we can listen to a number of stations that keep us entertained- you don’t want to spend time trying to figure out what to listen to (especially the driver- roads are windy). I am working the whole time on the trip so we have one of those multi-charger deals and we are powered up and going the entire time!
  • Sanitizer:  I have a small thing of wipes and hand sanitizer. Using public restrooms, sifting though sales for hours, SWEATING all the time- this just makes life easier!
  • New: I just thought of this: sun visor for your dashboard…if it makes the car a little cooler when you get back in- you will be happy. Also: i use one of those desk-trays as my work/entertainment area- helps a ton.
orzo salad, coconut water and cold tomatoes from our friend's garden
orzo salad, coconut water and cold tomatoes from our friend’s garden
2013-07-29 12.12.46
drinks and ice under the snacks!







YOU: this is not a fashion show people, you are on the hunt- prepare accordingly. Also, if you are bringing a $500 purse…well don’t expect to haggle- quite frankly this isn’t the time.

  •  shade: #1 you will be HOT.  Bring a hat but actually I think a paper parisol is ideal for 127. Hats will trap heat and make you feel like you are baking- but it is better than nothing!  And don’t forget the sunscreen!
  •  Clothing: wear loose, light and bright clothing. Bring something you don’t mind sweating in and you feel comfy walking around. I literally wear 1 of 2 outfits the whole time…why? Because they are comfy to be in and I don’t give a f-…it is HOT! I also prefer sandals. The ground can be uneven (dirt), it might rain and again, it is HOT. I do bring socks for the ride in the car though so I can be comfy for longer trips.
  •  One semi-nice outfit/shoes: just in case you want a night out to dinner or want to get out of your usual “outfit”. Nothing complicated.
  • Purse/wallet: bring something you can swing over your body. You will be constantly bending over looking at stuff, touching stuff, have your hands full. 127 is safe by all means but if you forget your belongings- well it is not worth it missing (and most likely it will happen b/c you cant remember where it is)!


when the internet was good i was actually able to watch a few episodes of Deadwood!
when the internet was good i was actually able to watch a few episodes of Deadwood!

SHOPPING: other helpful items for 127

  •  camera: I love to take pictures to the incredible things I find…I might not be able to buy them but I want to remember them (and MANY I am kicking myself for not buying). For those who have read my old blog- the signs of 127 are my favorites!
  • JOURNAL: I like to keep log of what I buy and the price.  Also I have a list of what I am looking for before I get there- I get overwhelmed and can lose track. I will post my list in the next post!
  • Tools: measuring tape (and dimensions in case you are looking for something special and need the right size), packing tape, bungee cords, reusable totes (I like to shop with them).

Once we arrive in Louisville, we will be spending 2 days visiting and going on a few tours- for sure i will post a summary. Wednesday night we stay in Frankfort where in the morning, we will visit a favorite stop before heading out on 127!

our stops for this year are: Frankfort > Russel Springs > Crossville > Chattanooga (heading into alabama on sunday to gadsden and booking it to memphis after).

more to come from the road! xo-d


  1. i love these photos and this post! i’ve had so many adventures on road trips, i’d love hop into my car, riding the wave of a spontaneity and drive away from LA to a woodsy rugged destination… the fun is definitely in the journey!

  2. Hi Susan!
    I agree road trips are the best- hanging out, listening to music, long conversations and seeing the world- some of my best memories where made getting to the place to make the memories!
    Hope you read more- on Thursday we start the yard sale and the real fun begins!

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