14 washi tape craft diys + giveaway

We jokingly deemed this years Craftcation ‘year of the washi tape’. If you attended the Craftcation Conference 2014 a few weeks ago, you totally know why. Delilah and I (along with the help of our awesome staff and volunteers) covered pretty much everything at Craftcation with Scotch Expressions washi tape. Scotch (one of our conference sponsors) sent us some huge boxes of Expressions tape and we went to town! You can check out photos of our washi tape mania and more images from Craftcation 2014 here.

Scotch also sent me some tape to use in DIY tutorials. Remember my washi tape and image transfer diy tutorial from a few weeks ago? I started making a list of all my washi tape project ideas and the list kept growing and growing. I had a hard time choosing which to do, so I did almost all of them and compiled them here. these projects are fairly simple and don’t require a lot of instruction. This is one of the things I love about washi tape. You can pretty much look at the project and know how to do it… just stick some washi tape on it! I did add some notes below to help you along.

-nicole s.

This giveaway is now closed.

dear-handmade-life-scotch-expressions-washi-tape-diy-craft-easywashi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-card-envelope-stationarystationary (card + envelope):

I went pretty simple for this one and just added two strips of contrasting tape next to each other on the stamp and card. Another idea: cover the whole card with tape and write thank you in large block letters over it with a Sharpie.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-bamboo-cutlery-fork-knife-spoonbamboo cutlery:

I went horizontal for this, but you could also go vertical. Birthday party, wedding or special event coming up? Grab some washi tape in the color palette for the occasion for table settings that coordinate with the theme colors.


For this one I went straight across and lined up each piece of tape so it touched the previous one. You can also just do a few strips to quickly spruce up your clipboard. I used an X-acto knife to cut the tape away around the metal clip at the top.


pencil + paintbrush holder:

Upcycle old jars or coffee cans by adding strips of washi tape.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-pencil-notebook-journal-covernotebook + pencil:

Like Joan Didion, I always carry a notebook with me. For the notebook you can cover the whole thing (like the clipboard) or go just add a few strips like I did here.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-necklace-jewelry-scrabble-tile-pendantnecklace pendant:

I used an old Rummikub game tile, but you could use a scrabble tile or small square of wood as well. Use e600 glue to attach a bale on the back and string on a necklace. Keep the tape from peeling by adding a coat of Mod Podge or Diamond Glaze.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-bakers-twine-flag-garlandflag garland:

Another fun project that perfect for parties and events. I laid a piece of tape on the table, set a length of bakers twine in the middle and folded the tape over. Then I snipped the end into a flag or pendant shape.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-cell-phone-covercell phone cover:

The outer image on my husbands cell phone over was peeling off and he asked me to washi it for him. For this one, a coat of Mod Podge is essential to keep the tape in place. Use an X-acto knife to trim around the edges as well as the hole for the camera lens.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-wooden-spoolswooden spools:

I had these wooden spools on a shelf in my office. I love sewing and craft notions and have a hard time throwing away things like this. I washi taped the center, as well as the top, and used an X-acto knife to cut the tape around the hole in the center.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-wooden-clothes-pin-magnetsclothes pin magnets:

Affix a small magnet to one side of a clothes pin with e600 glue and run a strip down the other side. Use scissors to snip off extra tape.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-wooden-toothpick-cupcake-cake-dessert-decor-partycupcake + dessert toothpick flags:

Fold tape in half with the toothpick at the center. Then snip the end into a flag or pendant shape.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-wax-paper-stickerwax paper stickers:

Affix strips of tape to wax paper, making sure to overlap each piece. Then cut out a shape and boom! You have a sticker.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-striped-gif-box-bowstriped gift box + bow:

For the box I just affixed some tape to a plain white box down one side. The bow is a little more complex. I tape two equal length pieces of tape to each other then taped each end together so it formed a loop. Make several loops then tape all the ends together in a circle. The little yellow round bit in the middle is a slice of wine cork covered with washi tape and then affixed to the bow with a glue gun.

washi-tape-diy-craft-tutorial-how-to-wooden-hangerwooden hanger:

This one took a bit of time but I love how it turned out! I simply wrapped the entire hanger in tape then clipped any extra tape off with scissors.

The contest is now closed. Congrats to Grace Lihn!!!


  1. I love these ideas! I especially love the phone cover idea. I would love to use some washi tape to decorate my laptop, and the tons of those nifty Talenti Gelato plastic containers we have around the house, lol. Those things are great for storing tons of stuff!

  2. Washi tape is awesome, me and my 11 yr old daughter did a mini makeover on her room with washi, same old stuff, brand new look!

  3. I eeallt wanr to use washi tape to spruce up an old white night stand that is currently being used in my office area.

    1. I really want* Hooray for trying to type on a tablet and hold a sleeping toddler at the same time.

  4. Washi Tape giveaway
    I plan on using it to decorate my office supplies. My kids would love to decorate their school supplies as well.

  5. I have toilet paper rolls I will cover a bunch of them with the Washi tape and put them on a string and hang them up

  6. I want to make “tools” that look cool for my 3 yr old disabled son to help make his life better.

  7. I really love the wooden hanger idea to liven up ugly hangers, I use my tape for scrapbooking but these are some wonderful ideas. I’d love to be entered into this contest!

  8. I so love all the Washi tape designs they are so much fun. I did a couple of light switch covers. I would love to do these ideas.

  9. i love washi tape, it can be used for everything, fixing a ripped page in a pretty way, embellishments, make something drab to fab…. i dont think there is ever a reason NOT to use washi 🙂 i would LOVE to win because i only have a few rolls….support the obsession lol

  10. My daughter and niece love to make different items with Washi tape and Duct tape! Thank you for the great ideas!! My mothers B-day is Sunday and of course mothers day is coming up, I think I will have them make her some items and decorate the box with the stripes! Thank you!!

  11. I would love to use washi tape to make my own envelopes and stationary, i would also like to decorate my plain makeup brushes, pencils and my journals and monthly planner to give them a little more pazazz. And i would like to decorate my phone charger. I would love to make some art for my childrens rooms as well with washi tape. And thank you for doing this giveaway.

  12. I want to use them to decorate some jars I have for bottoms, thread, ribbons, etc…. Also I like the idea of using them to customize thank you notes! Also my daughter would like to use them to personalize her room! These are just a few ideas off the top of my head! I’m sure even more ideas would be inspired once I had them in my hands!! Lol!!

  13. for the giveaway: I’m looking to make special keepsake boxes to be given as gifts for a bridal shower, I would make each one a different size, shape and tape design so the guests can trade if they want-the possible ways to decorate them will be endless and so much fun

  14. These project ideas are awesome!
    I have plain notecards and this tape would be perfect for dressing them up.

  15. I had my first experience at craftcation!!!!!! and i called wasabi tape lol
    I would have my students decorate their clip boards like you did above !!!!!

  16. Thanks for the great ideas and for a chance to win 🙂
    I plan on using them on my gift-wrapping for the orders I receive for my little gift shop!

  17. WASHI TAPE!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Makes me wanna sing from the rooftops! I use washi tape on EVERYTHING! Hubby has tried to ban me from buying anymore but it just keeps showing up on my doorstep and I HAVE to use it, don’t I? It would be a shame to leave a surface naked and Washi free wouldn’t it? I think so! Shoes, purses, tables, mirrors, remotes, phones, keyboards, chairs, the washer and dryer, refrigerator and everything between the floor and ceiling must have at least a little bit of Washi Tape on them! Would love to win some so I can honestly tell hubby I didn’t buy it~!~ Thanks for the chance to! Will be washi taping my fingers together so they stay crossed!

  18. I am a photographer and like packaging my clients products in custom packaging that gets quite expensive ordering from my lab, so I will definitely have to start using this for custom decorated boxes, envelopes and DVD cases tailored to each client now. Why did I never think of these ideas before this post?

  19. I love using WASHI TAPE to my wrapping of gifts because I use craft paper so this bring some extra to the gifts .. thank you for some other great ideas

  20. You’ve got some great ideas, I love the hanger! I really would like to try doing washi tape keys on my laptop (I had to buy a new one and since it’s “mine” and not my husband’s I can do it, right???)

  21. I’ve never used Washi tape before but looking at all the projects, there’s a lot of artistic and creative possibilities. Sky is the limit, I guess you can use them to decorate almost anything.

  22. I like using washi tape to make custom wrapping paper. I use kraft or white meat wrapping to wrap gifts, and i either simply use washi tape instead of clear tape to close the ends, OR i make designs on the paper! just strips of washi tape butted up against each other makes for great patterns. and it’s reusable (if the person who’s receiving the gift is crafty!)

  23. We used the washi tape to decorate the jars in your candle making class at Craftcation. I would probably use it to decorate more of those since I plan to make some for holiday gifts. Also to decorate cards and other papers.

  24. It would be perfect for my classroom bulletin boards…fun and colorful and long lasting! I always trying new themes in my class…this year is Doctor Who next year…who knows!

  25. I embellish boxes (small boxes that jewelry comes in, mostly) with fabric, ribbon, findings, etc. and washi tape would be GREAT for the doozy-ing up the sides without making them too thick for the lid to fit over easily. That is the biggest challenge, and washi would be a great solution!

  26. I’m a little obsessed with washi tape! My daughter and I plan on re-decorating her room this summer. So, we plan on trying to add some striping to the side of her white Ikea dresser. Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  27. So cute! I will use the washi tape for simple things like closing a handmade card/envelope, wrapping presents, covering a frame for my kids room and making party favors. They last forever because you just need a little bit!

  28. Washi tape is the product I’ve been looking for to cover the toilet plugger wood part of it to make it look more attractive.

  29. I use washi tape for my kraft packaging (to make the outside cuter) when I mail my products. I’m loving the hanger idea! I’d forgotten about the washi tape on the clothes-pins too. Will be using that for my upcoming Patchwork Show booth!

  30. I have been collecting drink mix containers (it seems like FOREVER) and I would love to take them…..along with the washi tape to a low-income afterschool program so that that kids can make pencil holders. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. I love the cupcake toothpick flags. I’d like to use the same principle to make drink stirrers/swizzle sticks. And also use it, of course, for thank you notes and scrap booking photos.

  32. I tutor elementary school kids on Mondays so I luv to take my washi tape & write funny and swell words on it then the kids wear them around and learn a new vocabulary word….yesterday was ” hogwash”! Ha!

  33. I love washi tape! One of my most memorable projects was when I decorated a folder with a wind-turbine-nature-y design using some old washi tape that I found. (I made that two years ago; still using that folder today!)
    I recently got into hand-making notebooks with recycled/reclaimed material and giving them away as gifts to friends — that’s probably what I’ll be doing this summer! I’d also really like to use washi tape in more of my upcycled art, like the bottlecap magnets (“funky fridge magnets”) that my roommates and I are making to sell in a nonprofit grocery collective that we help run in Berkeley; the tape would work so much better than paper/cereal boxes because it won’t soak up EasyCast. I’m also going to be a resident assistant next year, so I’d love to use washi tape with recycled stuff and pressed flowers to make door and hall decorations for my residents, so that they feel welcome and at home during there first year in college.

  34. Love all those washi tape ideas. I’d like to decorate my old clothes hangers with some washi tape. My gang and I have made countless cards with washi tape and no doubt will make some more, but I’m thinking that I’ll disguise my ugly laundry detergent box with washi tape!

  35. Washi tape is so fun and versatile. I like dressing up gift wrap packages, especially those packages I put in snail mail. I also use it in my craft projects. I repurposed a candy tube,embellished it with washi tape, and sent to my college daughter full of quarters for laundry day (get it? WASHi tape!).

  36. I would love some washi tape so my students can decorate their own pencils and label them in my art class so that they don’t accidentally take mine.

  37. I use Washi tape to make my paper crafts pretty! I’m working on creating organizer gift sets for my friends for the holidays! I’m including washi tape, stickers, cute page markers and pens. I can use the washi tape to decorate pencils, decorate the organizer pages, ect!

  38. Hi all,
    Love those crazy bamboo eating utensils and the clipboard.
    I am leaving a comment on the 29th of April and it is Tuesday. In the rules you said Monday April 29th so am I in??

  39. OOps, forgot to tell you what I would use this washi tape for….hmm, I have some greeting cards to make and I think this would brighten them up and I have several cans for pen/pencil/brush holders so I will use those too.

  40. I’d like to use washi tapes to make Christmas ornaments for my friends and family. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I have just started journaling and I would use the tape to embellish my pages.

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