8 lovely plant + succulent diy craft tutorials

“want to smell some curry?” delilah asked holding a leaf up to my nose. we were standing in her backyard garden nearly a decade ago. i’d never been in a garden like that, where you could eat pretty much anything. i got my food from a grocery store and embarrassingly had no idea that curry came from a plant. i hadn’t given much thought to where the flavors or smells from some of my favorite Indian dishes came from, until that moment. i was blown away by how strong and familiar the scent of curry was when i inhaled the smell from the leaf. delilah rubbed the leaf to the release the oils and the scent was even stronger.

i was so inspired by her edible garden which overflowed with pots featuring all kinds of interesting plants, vegetables and herbs. a few years later, delilah opened her brick and mortar shop and we started patchwork and then craftcation. time to garden became more rare and both of us moved to places with little or no yard space. somehow delilah always managed to have a garden and even built a root cellar in one of the places she lived that didn’t have a yard. this year, with us both living in houses with ample yards, we’ve both planted gardens. i even made my own planter box, inspired by delilah’s planter box. my garden features a less unique selection than delilah’s does… radishes, lettuces, herbs, peas, cucumbers and carrots. i love going to delilah’s house and seeing and tasting the uncommon things she’s growing… buddha’s hand, finger limes and heirloom versions of ordinary veggies.

there’s something so satisfying about taking care of living things like plants and watching them grow and change. i know not all of us have yards to create large scale edible gardens. when i lived in tiny apartments i always had indoor plants. in homage to those who don’t have big yards or that do but want to bring a little plant love indoors, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite diy plant and succulent craft tutorials. i love finding inspiring ways to bring the outdoors inside. it’s not quite the same as smelling a freshly picked curry leaf from delilah’s garden but fulfills your plant fix and with much less upkeep.

-nicole s.


1. painted planter from the crafted life

2. wood plant stand tutorial from hello lidy

3. gold painted geo planters from homey oh my

4. diy book planter with succulents from green wedding shoes

5. diy striped white + brass plant holder from little green notebook

6. himmeli plant holder from smile and wave

7. diy potted plants from i spy diy

8. brass succulent planter from a beautiful mess


  1. Oh yay, thank you so much for including me in this awesome roundup! And I totally agree about how important house plants are when you don’t have a yard. And if they happen to be in a cuter planter, all the better 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including me in your lovely round-up! I feel so honored 🙂 It really is a satisfying feeling when you can keep plants alive and well. That hasn’t always been the case for me, but that all changed over night and I’m sure glad it did! Love my plants!!


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