Craftcation 2024 Craft Workshops

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casual craft workshops

The workshops in this category do not require enrollment and are available on a walk-in basis. They are still full 2-hour workshops so plan to arrive on time.


Suminagashi 墨 流 し or “floating ink” is a Japanese art form in which ink (or in our case, acrylic paint) is carefully dropped to float on a still water surface and then gently fanned with air to form delicate swirls reminiscent of clouds, weather patterns, and tree rings. Melding ancient technique with contemporary materials, Star Greenwood (Mayu Silk Art) and Rita Alarcon (Ralamoon Designs) give the oldest form of water marbling a modern twist in this fun Make & Take, inviting you to use traditional suminigashi techniques, hand-drawn images, rubber stamps or die-cut stickers to create tiny landscapes and cloud motifs, fantastical dragons, or other details to create a unique coaster or small-format . It is super easy to do and wonderfully therapeutic. All are welcome to participate!

hands-on craft workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 


Using a modern, elegant sampler design adapted from one of the budgiegoods kits, this class will give students the skills to take their embroidery to the next level. More advanced stitches will allow students to fill in larger areas of their embroidery, create raised and woven design elements, and include interesting texture and complexity in their work. Stitches taught will include:  Chain stitch and variations, Couching stitch, Rosette stitch, Padded satin stitch, Fishbone stitch, Others as time allows.

dyeing workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 

advanced ice dye techniques


Do you already know how to ice dye and are interested in taking your practice further? This workshop will take you beyond the basics and into advanced techniques. We will focus on intentional pattern making, advanced color blending and ways to harness the power of ice dye for incredible results.

sewing workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 

Bust that Scrap!

What to do with all those scraps and fiddly bits. Any sewist knows the feeling of having little bits and pieces of scraps that are too small to do anything with but you feel bad just making a bunch of trash. Let’s put those scraps to work too. A quick project to make a pouf or pillow that can be stuffed with scraps! And bonus you might even decide to make them decorative and giftable or donate-able to bust that scrap!