Craftcation 2024 Craft Workshops

casual craft workshops

The workshops in this category do not require enrollment and are available on a walk-in basis. They are still full 2-hour workshops so plan to arrive on time.


This class is an intro to the Bargello stitching technique, using plastic canvas and yarn to make colorful bangles.

The class will overview what bargello is, and how the technique works. During class, attendees will make a bargello bracelet, while learning best practices and techniques to make the crafting process easier.

Circular Weaving on CDs

This is a fun intro to circular weaving, using something most of us have lying around, CDs! (We knew that Columbia House membership from the 90s would come in handy at some point).

Circular weaving is such a fun technique, and using a CD as your canvas opens up so many creative possibilities! We’ll be weaving with yarn and roving to create lovely pieces of art in this fun workshop.


This room “lab” will be filled with a variety of finishing and dabbling supplies for attendees to use as a resource during non-scheduled times. They might need to finish their embroidery, finish painting something grand or just dabble with an assortment of supplies to help soak in on the new information they have absorbed.

Create Your Own DIY Collage Oracle Cards

This workshop will begin by getting you into a relaxed and creative mindset by doing some seated yoga and meditation. We will then cut out inspirational messages, pretty photos, and colorful images from magazines. You will then combine these based on color and energy to create mini collages on index cards each with its own message. These will then be laminated to use as personal oracle cards. The workshop will end with a lesson on how to tune into your own intuition and use these in your daily life. Feel free to bring your own magazines.

Embroidered Felt Patches

Wear your thoughts on your sleeve with a custom hand embroidered patch! Explore the basics of embroidery and how to turn your brand new stitching skills into a felt patch. You’ll learn several embroidery stitches for lettering and decorative details, how to plan your design, techniques for layering felt to create borders, and tips for attaching your patch to your favorite jacket, bag, or hat.

Fabric Flower Fascinators: Create Your Own Hair Accessory

Indulge your creativity with form and function as we delve into the colorful world of fabric blooms, combining basic hand-sewing techniques with the art of Kanzashi flower folding. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just getting started, this hands-on session promises to transform a simple piece of fabric into a stunning hair flower fascinator that’s as unique as you are. Let your hair become a canvas for your floral fantasies, and walk away with a one-of-a-kind accessory that’s bound to turn heads.

Fabric Statement Necklaces

Transform fabric into a statement necklace to show off your crafty DIY style! Jessie Katz Greenberg will share her method for giving fabric scraps a second life, and you’ll create a one of a kind necklace you’ll be excited to wear during Craftcation and beyond.

Introduction to Intuitive Collage

Intuitive collage is a practice of using magazine images and collage to connect with your inner wisdom or intuition. Participants will be guided through a simple meditation, then given time to create a collage card, followed by journal prompts to reflect on the meaning of their piece. All supplies are included but you may also bring your own. No artistic experience is necessary. This is a great and fun way to slow down, connect with yourself creatively, and tap into your inner wisdom.


Tabitha grew up in a ceramics studio environment, where her love of the kitchy craft blossomed. As owner of “The Curious Kiln- Paint and Pottery Studio”, Tabitha has furthered her knowledge and love of ceramic surface decoration, while walking her customers through the painting process on thousands of ceramic pieces! Tabitha is ready to teach you valuable and fun tips and tricks for painting your own ceramics too! In this laid back casual craft – you’ll choose from a variety of decorative ceramic pieces, where you can dabble in methods to create depth and detail, various topcoats and finishing techniques, all while helping you incorporate your personal style into your piece!



In this no-sew class, you’ll dream up and design a custom detachable collar. Choose your pattern, put your collar together and add dazzling embellishments with Beacon’s expert adhesives. Perfect for all skill levels, you’ll explore and learn to create strong bonds whether it is with fabric or any different material. Leave with a stylish wardrobe piece that transforms any outfit from drab to chic without using a sewing machine.

monogram quilling

In this beginner workshop, you will learn and use different paper quilling shapes to decorate a pre-drawn alphabet of your choice. Quilling designs will be available to help guide you visually in designing your Monogram.

Paint Your Own Wooden Earrings

Come join this fun, interactive workshop! You will be able to paint and create your own designs on pre cut wooden shapes. You will be able to mix and match the shapes and then turn them into earrings!

Paper Quilled Earrings Workshop

In this beginner workshop, learn to make a pair of paper quilled earrings from start to finish. At the end of the workshop, you will have a new pair of handmade and lightweight earrings in colors of your choice.

Screen Printing Symposium

Discover the art of screen printing in this hands-on casual craft. Learn some basic techniques, and processes involved in printing & creating your own screen-printed designs. We will have a selection of pre-made screens with designs, and craft vinyl for DIY printing. You can also bring some small flat items from home to print on. (Items such as fabric, shirts, totes, paper, cards and more, designs will be 6×8 or smaller.)

Vision Board/Mixed Media Canvas

with AMY TAN

Layers of goodness all put together to create a gorgeous canvas calling in your wildest dreams. Did you know that creating mini vision boards can have a powerful and positive effect? Amy Tangerine has been using this technique for over 25 years and has made huge dreams come to fruition. You’ll use magazines, ephemera, and all kinds of inspiring bits to put together a grand vision for your life. This will be colorful and fun, combined with painting and other mixed media techniques to curate a board as unique as you are. The process will inspire you to pursue and manifest the extraordinary life you’ve envisioned. You’ll walk away with a tangible reminder of the positive possibilities that await.

hands-on craft workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 

Bead Embroidered Insects

Learn bead embroidery basics with Make It Work Crafts in this relaxing craft. You will learn several basic bead stitches that will be used to complete a fanciful insect on an embroidery hoop. You can design your own insect or follow a provided design.

Beaded hoop earrings

Learn a simple beading technique to make a pair of colorful statement earrings. We’ll play with color and texture and you will leave with a custom pair of earrings This class uses tiny beads, so bring your readers, magnifiers or personal craft lights if you think you may need them!

Beginning Tunisian Crochet

It’s the best of both worlds! Tunisian crochet sits in this wonderful intersection between knitting and crochet. Some basic knitting/crochet skills are helpful before taking this class, but not necessary. We will learn the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) using one and two colors, as well as how to make a foundation row and bind off. You will leave the class with a new skill and some inspiration for future projects.*


*We will be making a swatch that can ultimately be used as a coaster. Samples will be shown of various projects that can be made using the stitches learned in this workshop. 

Beginning Watercolor: Wonder at the Beach


Explore the beautiful coastline of Ventura to discover deep inspiration. We will have a short demo of basic watercolor techniques, then utilize observation skills to paint. Students may choose to study botanicals or specimen from the shore, sweeping landscape or explorations of internal wonderings. Watercolor is a wonderful way to take an impression or visual notes of a place. In this beginner class, there is no right or wrong. One thing is sure, the sea (and natural world) inspires. Where will it lead you?

Bold Statements: Crafting a Polyclay Statement Necklace

During this hands-on session, you’ll discover the techniques of molding and shaping polymer clay into unique focal pieces to build a gorgeous statement necklace. We’ll explore color combinations and learn the art of assembling your creation into a stunning wearable masterpiece. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or new to jewelry design, this workshop promises a delightful journey of creativity and self-expression where you’ll leave with a personalized statement necklace to adorn your style!

Botanical Cyanotypes

Cyanotypes are one of the earliest forms of photography and involve laying an object on chemically-treated paper before exposing it to UV light, then washing with water to create stunning white and prussian blue images. During this workshop, we will use ferns, feathers, other botanicals, and the power of the sun to create these beautiful images.

Botanical Journaling

California winter showers bring Craftcation flowers! Let’s take a walk or roll to the park and draw document the flowers we see along the way. This will be a chance to slow down, document and observe. You’ll start a botanical journal that you can build upon throughout the year.

Candle Making 101

Embark on a journey of artistic expression and sensory delight with our “Candle Making Workshop” for all levels. Join us for a hands-on experience that will ignite your passion for craftsmanship and leave you with a set of beautifully crafted candles to adorn your space.

Carve Your Own Selfie Stamp

Artists have created self portraits for centuries as a way to communicate ideas around culture, identity and playful self expression. During this workshop we will create our own personalized self portrait stamps as a way to slow down and examine what makes us unique. You will draw, carve and print your own self portrait stamp – it can be playful, straightforward or symbolic – and create a keepsake of our time together, as well as prints to trade with friends!

Clay Date! Beginning Handbuilding: Tealight Holder


Learn basic beginning handbuilding techniques with air dry clay! No experience necessary. A short demo and templates for constructing a simple vessel form will be provided. Explore basic attachments, slab work, and textures.

From there, you may make the demo or choose your own adventure with various textures and basic tools to play with. Your piece will be allowed to dry enough to take with you. You can take it home and paint with acrylics or leave in the raw! There is no pressure. These are not fired pieces.

Crafting Vector Illustrations using Adobe Fresco

Why draw in vectors? And what the heck are vectors, anyway? Whether you’re new to digital illustration or would like to save yourself a step in your workflow by drawing in vectors, this workshop will cover the basics and more advanced techniques using Adobe Fresco. We’ll also cover workflows so you can create illustrations you can use in surface pattern designs, printed and online graphics, and for products.

You’ll need to bring a device that can install Adobe Fresco. (These are currently the devices that can run Adobe Fresco: iPad; iPhone; Windows devices with Intel, Nvidia, or AMD processors; Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 9 devices with ARM processors)


If you have a digital drawing instrument (like an Apple Pencil), this is helpful to bring as well. You don’t have to have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription or have a subscription to any Adobe products to use Adobe Fresco, yay! But having a Creative Cloud subscription will be handy when it comes to the workflow portion of the workshop.

Crafty Collage Journal

with AMY TAN

Unlock your artistic potential through approachable mixed media art journaling techniques. You’ll learn how to create gorgeous backgrounds and elements using stamps, paints, brush pens and more to add unique flair to your projects. Your book will be a place where creativity and self-expression come together to foster happiness and well-being. Explore the art of incorporating inspiring visuals, artistic creations, and personal touches. Allow Amy to guide you through fun and innovative ways to make your journal pages come alive with creativity. She’ll share her tried and true methods for balancing out designs and choosing the right colors and textures that only look complex but are easy (and fun!) to achieve. All supplies will be provided, however, feel free to bring any paper and ephemeral materials you might want to include.

Create a Signature Lip Balm

Learn how to make handmade lip balms using natural, food grade ingredients! Lip balms are a fun, easy start to your new DIY cosmetics line. They are easy to customize (color, scent, flavor, benefits) and a cinch to make. They also make great gifts, party favors, and are perfect for group projects, and can even be transformed into lotion bars, body balms, and butters, if you’d prefer.


Even the simplest natural balm will usually receive rave reviews from those who are used to commercial petroleum based lip balms. Unlike many commercial lip balms, a natural formula can help to soothe, heal, and protect your lips, not just seal them beneath a layer of sludge. Each participant will go home with about 10 lip balms and a personalized recipe.


Craft your own crochet scrunchie! This beginner crochet project will start to familiarize you with this popular fiber craft. Simpler than making a potholder for your first project, these fashion accessories will have you perfecting your double crochets in no time!


Know how to double crochet? Spend the session creating a set of accessories! Are you new to crochet? We will walk through the materials, tools, and skills necessary for this project. Beginners will practice holding their crochet hook, chaining, and the steps of a double crochet before starting on their first scrunchie.

Crochet Floral Mini Market Bag

You’ll be eager to shop all your local farmer’s markets once you’ve finished crocheting this lovely mini market bag! You’ll learn to crochet the pretty floral motif that is the bottom of this gorgeous bag. In the process, you’ll be crocheting in the round, and learning to follow a pattern and track rounds. Then, you’ll learn to crochet the sides in the open mesh pattern and finish off the bag with the top borders and solid straps. Once you’ve crocheted one, you’ll want to make many more in other vibrant colors and as gifts. Well-illustrated instructions will be presented in class and provided as a handout. Please note that this is an intermediate/advanced workshop – experience crocheting is absolutely required, i.e. you must know how to single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, slip stitch, recognize and count stitches, and work in the round.

Crystal Energy Infused Aromatherapy Roller Blends

Join Dame Sannae in this captivating workshop as she leads participants through the art of creating crystal-infused aromatherapy roller blends. Unveil the magic of harnessing the combined power of essential oils and gemstones to enhance your well-being and embrace holistic self-care. What to Expect:

  • Crystal Connection:
    – Discover the unique energetic properties of various crystals and how they align with emotional and physical wellness.
    – Understand how crystal energy can synergize with aromatherapy to create a harmonious blend for your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Aromatherapy Insights:
    – Dive into the world of aromatherapy and explore the emotional and therapeutic benefits of essential oils.
    – Learn about different essential oils and their potential to support stress relief, energy enhancement, focus, and relaxation.
  • Crafting Your Own Blends:
    – Engage in a hands-on experience of creating your own personalized crystal-infused aromatherapy roller blends.
    – Select from a variety of essential oils and crystals to curate blends that resonate with your intentions and well-being goals.
  • Intention Setting:
    – Discover the importance of intention in holistic self-care and the impact it has on your aromatherapy experience.
    – Set your intentions for each roller blend, infusing them with purpose and mindfulness.
  • Take Home Your Creations:
    – Leave the workshop with your carefully crafted crystal-infused aromatherapy roller blends.
    – Embrace the power of these blends in your daily self-care routine to enhance your emotional balance, energy levels, focus, and relaxation.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to combine the healing energies of crystals and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in a practical and creative way. Take home not only your customized roller blends but also a deeper understanding of how to integrate crystal energy and aromatherapy into your holistic wellness journey. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, a boost of energy, heightened focus, or moments of tranquility, this workshop empowers you to craft your own tools for well-being. Join Dame Sannae on this empowering journey of self-discovery, self-care, and embracing the beauty of natural remedies.

Demystifying Sewing Patterns


Ready to take your sewing to the next level but intimidated by how to follow a sewing pattern? In this interactive lecture-style class, we will take the confusion out of choosing and following commercial sewing patterns. We’ll take a look at pattern envelopes, tissue pattern sheets and instructions, covering all the symbols, descriptions, sizing, and terminology. We’ll also cover some of the sewing techniques you’re likely to encounter in garment sewing, such as grainline, understitching, clipping/notching and sewing better princess seams and darts. If you have a sewing pattern in your collection you’d like to ask questions about, please bring it to class. Let’s get you on your way to sewing your dream wardrobe! (Please note, there will not be any hands-on sewing during this class.)

Desert Tone Concrete Vessel Class with Concrete Geometric

Design and create your very own concrete vessels with Krizia of Concrete Geometric. Each vessel will be casted using fast setting concrete. No previous design or casting experience is required for this class. We will go over the process of casting concrete layers in silicone molds. The color inspiration for the pieces will be earth inspired pigments. The vessel we will all be making are a decorative tray and mini pot. Working time will be about 1hr and drying time is 1hr. Your pieces will be ready to open by the end of the class. While your pieces dry we will go over sealing your concrete and hand out a sealer and brush for you to seal your pieces at home the following day.

Designing and Making Stickers with Procreate and a Cricut

Let’s make stickers! In this workshop, we will design 3 designs together using Procreate and Cricut. First, we will walk through the different features and tools in Procreate, including creating a canvas and exploring different brushes.


Once we have our designs created, we will learn how to package them to send off to the printer and get them ready to be made into stickers with the Cricut. We will use the Cricut Design Space to print and cut your stickers to take home with you.


In this class, you will get:

  • 3 beautiful designs and stickers to put wherever your heart desires
  • Understanding of the basic tools and features of the Procreate design app
  • What the heck an offset is and why it’s important for stickers
  • Steps on how to package and export stickers in the correct formats for Cricut Design Space (or anywhere you would like them to be printed professionally in the future)
  • How to use the print and cut feature on Cricut (and tricks to tame its wild ways)
  • Hands-on experience with a Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut Joy Xtra and the differences between them
  • Troubleshooting hacks for when your stickers aren’t coming out quite the way you envisioned


Please note that this session will require you to have your own iPad, an apple pencil, and the Procreate app. It will be geared toward Procreate beginners, but all skill levels are welcome!

Discover Color Energy

Learn more about the energy associated with each color based on society’s impressions and your own experience. Discover ways to weave positive energy into your work and connect with your customers on a new level.

Drawing for everyone / anyone!

You can draw anything (and I mean ANYTHING) by breaking it down into manageable shapes. I’m Tabitha Harper, and I’ll teach participants of this workshop how (as a professional designer and illustrator) I draw everyday objects, animals, people – and as many things as we have time to explore, in my whimsical style – with a simple step-by-step, shape-by-shape, piece-by-piece construction process. 


I teach kids as young as 5, and adults as old as 90 how to draw in my studio weekly, and I can share fun and effective illustration techniques in this relaxed workshop.


Learn to make your own wearable art in this jewelry workshop! Students will learn to design, stitch, and assemble a bespoke hand embroidered pendant necklace. In the process, we will go over embroidery techniques for everyday wear and explore fun motifs to inspire your creativity. This class is designed for students with some stitching experience or beginners looking for a challenge!

Felt Landscape Relief

Build the landscape of your dreams in this relaxing craft. We will be creating 3D relief habitats that we would like to spend time in using felt, embroidery techniques, and fabric manipulation. This intermediate class will allow you to expand upon your embroidery skills. Come prepared with source materials such as photos to inspire your relief.

Gelli Plate Printmaking

Curious about printmaking with a gelli plate? Learn all about using a Gelli Plate to make monoprints in this hands-on workshop. In this class, I’m going to teach you the basics of gelli printing with acrylic paints. We will experiment with techniques such as using stencils and found objects, mixing gradients, layering, and pulling prints. You’ll learn how to take your own ideas and inspirations and translate them to printmaking with the gelli plate.

hammered silver stacking rings

Students will learn how to create their own set of stacking rings out of sterling silver. This class will cover basic metalsmithing skills of sizing rings, filing, texturing, finishing and small scale soldering.

Hand Embroidery for Beginners

Slow down and learn the basics of modern hand embroidery! Whether you’ve never picked up a needle or have years of stitching experience, this class will show you new and exciting ways to embroider and encourage you to think outside the hoop. We will look at classic techniques such as the humble running stitch and elevate them with fun modifications. No embroidery experience required – just bring reading glasses if needed!

Ink and Squeegee Symphony: Exploring the Fusion of Hand Lettering and Squeegee Art

Get ready to dive into the whimsical world of ink and squeegee magic with Natalie from NatterDoodle! In this playful workshop, you’ll discover the art of squeegee painting using everyday craft tools and Walnut Hollow’s amazing surfaces, creating vibrant and abstract masterpieces. But that’s not all! Natalie will also sprinkle in some of her hand lettering charm, showing you how to add delightful phrases and quotes to your canvas creations. It’s a symphony of creativity that’ll leave you with a unique artwork that’s as much fun to make as it is to admire! 

Mini Folded Memory Books

In this workshop you’ll learn zine folding techniques combined with collage and scrapbooking tips to create mini memory books. These are the perfect alternative to traditional scrapbooks and printed photo books. Mini memory books provide a bite-sized, hands on and personalized way to remember family vacations, holiday celebrations, and special milestones. We’ll craft a template ready to be filled with your memories throughout the week including space to add photos and complete journal prompts to reflect on your inspiring time at Craftcation.


Memory books are best when customized to you. Feel free to bring stickers, washi tape, fabric scraps, or magazine pages to incorporate into your memory book.

Next Level Tunisian Crochet

Do you know the Tunisian Simple Stitch and you’re ready to level up? Participants will make a stitch swatch learning several different tunisian stitches. We will work a few rows on each stitch and we will tag each stitch with the instructions so you can go back and revisit it as you continue to work on your new tunisian crochet habit after Craftcation. You will see a variety of completed projects made using the new stitches so you can have some inspiration to use your new skills!

Nourishing Body Butter Workshop

Indulge in the art of self-care with our Nourishing Body Butters Workshop led by Dame Sannae. This hands-on experience invites you to craft luxurious, deeply moisturizing whipped body butters using natural and plant-based ingredients. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of raw shea and mango butter blend, cocoa butter, a variety of carrier oils, and a blend of essential oils and herbal extracts.


You’ll explore the properties of these exquisite ingredients, discovering their unique benefits for skin hydration and overall well-being. Learn the art of customization as you create your personalized 4oz or (8oz) jar of body butter, blending scents that resonate with your senses and incorporating herbal extracts for added skin-loving properties.


In this rejuvenating workshop, we not only craft body butters; we craft moments of self-pampering and revitalization. Join us as we delve into the world of botanical skincare, creating a skincare treasure that reveals your skin’s natural radiant glow. Elevate your self-care routine and embark on a journey of nourishment and self-love. Your skin will thank you!

Oh Go Terrazzo Yourself

You’ve seen terrazzo trays out and about in the world. They’re normally a sold color base with all kinds of tiny colorful chips inside. In this class we will be making our own chips to use in our terrazzo pieces. Our base will be an eco-resin that cures VERY FAST! Our eco-resin composite powder is water based gypsum. Once fully cured, the final product is extremely durable and pretty! We will have a variety of molds and colors to work with – not necessarily just those pictured here.

Paint Your Pet - Color Mixing Workshop

Unlock the world of color and bring your beloved pets to life in this immersive Paint Your Pet workshop at Craftcation! No matter your painting skill level, this session is designed to give you color confidence and capture your favorite furry loved one.


What to Expect:

  • Presketched Canvas: Attendees will receive an 11 x 14 presketched canvas of their pet at the workshop premapped with suggested color value zones.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Regardless of your painting experience, you’ll be guided step-by-step through basic color mixing techniques to create your masterpiece..
  • – Shadows, Mid-tones, Highlights: Learn the importance of the push and pull of light by exploring shadows, mid-tones, and highlights on the canvas.

Workshop FAQ:

  • All Pets Welcome: Bring a photo of your pet, and all species are welcome! No pet? No problem! Submit a photo of your favorite animal.
  • No Experience Required: This workshop is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned artists.
  • One Pet Per Canvas: To ensure nothing is lost in the details, we request one pet per canvas!
  • Photo Submission: Prior to Craftcation, participants will submit a photo of their pet (or favorite animal) in good/natural lighting for optimal results. 

Connect with fellow pet enthusiasts, and leave with a unique 11 x 14 portrait that truly captures the spirit of your cherished companion. Let’s make Craftcation a celebration of color, creativity, and the love we share for our furry friends!

Paint Your Pet - Color BLIND CHALLENGE

Can you paint your pet while wearing colorblocking glasses? Come take the colorblind challenge for a rainbow reveal that will blow your paws off! Embrace the experiment, turn off your perfectionist mind, and witness the magic of letting art just BE! No prior painting experience required – just a willingness to see your creativity in a whole new light!


Workshop FAQ:

  • All Pets Welcome: Bring a photo of your pet, and all species are welcome! No pet? No problem! Submit a photo of your favorite animal.
  • No Experience Required: This workshop is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned artists.
  • One Pet Per Canvas: To ensure nothing is lost in the details, we request one pet per canvas!
  • Photo Submission: Prior to Craftcation, participants will submit a photo of their pet (or favorite animal) in good/natural lighting for optimal results.

Connect with fellow pet enthusiasts, and leave with a unique 11 x 14 portrait that truly captures the spirit of your cherished companion. Let’s make Craftcation a celebration of color, creativity, and the love we share for our furry friends!

Painted Pendants

In this workshop you will paint a pendant by hand with acrylic and gouache. After the painting is dried, we will seal them in a glittery resin. You will get to take home your finished pendant and new skills.


We are going to roll, shape, cut, and bake beautiful polymer clay shapes, and turn them into one of a kind wall hangings! This material is so versatile and the process is truly addictive. Lets make some wall-eye candy for your abodes! You will amaze your friends, family, and YOURSELVES!


Learn the fun and easy and super trendy punch needle embroidery! Each participant will learn how to work the needle and yarn to create a one of a kind wall hanging to take home.

Rope Jewelry: Macrame Statement Necklaces

Learn to make a fun statement necklace using braided cotton cord. You will use a basic macramé knots and finish your necklace by wrapping the ends with embroidery floss.

Rosettes Chainmaille Bracelet

Join us for a fun and relaxing bracelet-making workshop where you’ll learn to create an impressive, tri-color bracelet. You’ll learn how to open and close aluminum jump rings with pliers, and then you’ll join the rings in a soothing, repetitive pattern that was originally used in medieval armor. Toward the end of class, you’ll make one small modification to the pattern, transforming it from the historic pattern into eye-catching “Rosettes.” The finished bracelet is flexible, comfortable and extremely lightweight. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions and project diagrams for even more ways to alter the basic weave so you can create a bracelet that’s truly your own.

Shake Up a Dry Shampoo

We all know how life changing dry shampoo can be, especially for those busy days when you don’t have time to wash your hair. Although drugstore dry shampoo can calm the oiliness, the aerosol is not the healthiest solution and it leaves an unpleasant chemical smell. Learn how making your own homemade dry shampoo is a wonderful way to save money on beauty products while also saving your scalp from harsh chemicals. Have you ever read the first ingredients in that spray you’re putting on your scalp? Hint: they sound more like a camp stove than a beauty product.


You may be surprised by the quality and effectiveness of this fantastic homemade dry shampoo—which you can customize to match your hair color, combat scalp issues, and even protect your locks from sun damage. Are you beginning to wonder why you haven’t tried it yet?

I have all the natural ingredients you might want to add to create the perfect safe and natural dry shampoo for your hair needs (and probably a few you don’t even know you want yet). You can also scent your dry shampoo with a personalized blend of essential oils and natural extracts.


As a participant, you will go home with your own 2 oz shaker (about a 4-6 month supply) container of a dry shampoo made just for you!

StickerScape Journaling

with Maureen Vasquez

Sponsored by Pipsticks

There’s something magically liberating about the simplicity of stickers. Join Mo Vazquez, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pipsticks, to learn about the art of StickerScaping. Using stickers as an abstract medium, you’ll learn to let go of your creative inhibitions in order to go outside of your comfort zone and tap into deeper creative exploration.

Mo will help you focus on the process over the product, teaching various techniques that will allow you to get into your creative flow and cultivate a sticker practice that will leave you feeling relaxed and totally inspired!

Tarot for Envisioning your Creative Project

The tradition of Tarot provides rich visual symbolism that we will use to map a large scale creative project. This workshop is ideal for expanding an idea, launching a new line, creating a project of the year plan, building out written copy around products, or getting out of a creative rut. We will use a custom spread of cards to explore questions of why we personally create, sharing our true voice, purpose and audience, media and materials, artistic approach, colors and symbolism, message and goals. Tarot can offer suggestions and inspiration as well as help one find language to express inner ideas. Attendees will enjoy exploring multiple tarot decks and complete the workshop with a custom map for a new project. Feel free to bring a favorite deck if you have one.

Textured Crochet Baskets

These chunky crocheted baskets are incredibly fun and functional! Using a large crochet hook and thick yarn, you’ll learn to crochet these wonderfully tactile baskets. One design is in single crochet, the other version is a slight variation on single crochet that creates a lovely basketweave-like effect. You’ll learn to crochet the oval base, crochet the sides with an optional color stripe, and then finish with the crocheted-in handles. Please note that this project is for intermediate-level crocheters only, as basic crochet experience is required (chain stitch, single crochet, slip stitch, working in the round).

Wood Burned Doodles and Zentangle with Walnut Hollow

Experience the relaxation and zen of wood burning! In this class, we will cover wood burning safety and basics. Then we’ll create a grid pattern to be filled with doodles, textures, zentangle patterns, or whatever your heart desires!

Wood Burning Wildflowers with Walnut Hollow


Create your own wood burned wildflower field! Designs will be provided to trace, but you are welcome to bring your own favorite flowers as well (recommend them being 1-3” tall). Add your “word of the year”, Craftcation intention, or a favorite quote. If you’d like to bring your word or phrase to trace, we recommend them being no larger than 4” long x 2” tall. After we cover wood burning basics and safety, we’ll burn our fields, and then add color using watercolor paints.

Words & Wood Whirl: Hand Lettered Signs


Get ready to transform wooden framed signs into personalized masterpieces with Natalie of NatterDoodle! Sponsored by Walnut Hollow, this hands-on workshop invites you to dive into the vibrant world of transferring a hand lettered design to any surface. Natalie will guide you through the art of adding flair to your framed signs using paint, paint markers, and more. No experience needed – just bring your creativity and let the crafting magic begin! Secure your spot now for a fun-filled session of crafting, laughs, and memorable moments. Don’t miss out on the chance to create your own Insta-worthy hand-lettered designs!

Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant

In the “Tree of Life Wire Pendant” workshop, participants will delve into the intricate process of crafting a wire pendant with a semi-precious gemstone. The session covers essential skills such as shaping the pendant frame according to the stone size, creating a functional bail, and incorporating an artistic wire-woven pattern. Attendees will gain hands-on experience in constructing a wire tree and merging all elements seamlessly into a personalized pendant. This workshop offers a comprehensive exploration of wire crafting techniques, providing participants with the knowledge and skills to create their own unique pieces.

dyeing workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 


Bundle dyeing is all about extracting color directly from the dyestuff onto the substrate. It involves laying your chosen dyestuff onto a piece of fabric, rolling then binding your bundle with string and steaming. You will learn how to use flowers, onion skins and more to make a gorgeous wearable work of art. You will also learn the importance of proper fabric preparation and different types of mordants.


In this workshop we will explore the world of Discharge Dye! Using Bleach, come discover this fun and simple technique of removing color from fabric to create cool patterns and designs. All Maker levels are welcome!

Dyeing with Dye-Na-Flow

In this class we will use different techniques to dye items with Dye-Na-Flow. Dye-Na-Flow is a concentrated fabric paint that acts like dye. This is an approachable craft that will allow you to create gorgeous wearable art!

Indigo Shibori Dyeing

In this workshop, we will learn how to create beautiful dye patterns on fabric using indigo dye. Indigo dye comes from the indigo plant and creates a beautiful, deep blue color on fabric. In this class, we will work with pre-reduced indigo to create a simple and quick indigo vat. We will also talk about the art of Shibori folding/binding techniques to create beautiful patterns on our fabric. Students will have the opportunity to practice folding and dyeing several pieces in this class.

Introduction to Ice Dyeing

Come and learn the super fun art of ice dyeing! This is a beginner friendly class and is perfect for anyone wanting to learn what ice dyeing is and how to do it. We will use ice and powdered dyes to create a few colorful items to take home.

sewing workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 

Advanced Sewing Machine Exploration & Custom Embroidery Workshop

Unlock the world of high-tech sewing machines in this unique workshop! Have you ever dreamt of sewing on one of the most advanced machines available? Now’s your chance! Join us for an engaging combo workshop led by sewing expert and SVP Educator, Debi Kuennan-Baker.


In this session, you’ll experience a captivating blend of demonstration and hands-on exploration. Discover the capabilities of top-of-the-line sewing, crafting, quilting, and embroidery machines as Debi guides you through their features.


But that’s not all—prepare to unleash your creativity during the hands-on segment. Bring along something special to embellish with custom machine embroidery, or choose from our selection of blanks. Whether it’s personalizing a garment, adding flair to a bag, or creating a unique gift, this workshop is your opportunity to make your vision come to life with the precision and beauty of advanced machine embroidery. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your sewing skills and leave with a one-of-a-kind creation!

DIY Multi-Pocket Name Badge Holder

You know what most folks can’t get enough of? POCKETS. So why not allow your name badge to be your biggest helper during Craftcation with a multi-pocket name badge?! Hold your hotel room key in one pocket, your business cards (that you will NOT forget this year!) in another pocket, and a pocket to hold the business cards of all your new friends.


The Multi-Pocket Badge Holder does not assist with post-Craftcation follow up, but it does make that a bit easier.

Easy knit fabric pencil skirt

Make a pencil skirt using your measurements – no pattern required. This pencil skirt is a great way to start working with knit fabrics, they aren’t scary you just need to know the basics. We’ll cover stretch percentage and knit sewing techniques for getting the best finish.

Easy Zipper Pouch - beginner friendlY

Has it been a while since you’ve sewn anything or are you a complete beginner? In Sewing 101 you will learn how to read a pattern, cut on grain and why seam allowance is necessary. Plus you get to make a cute little bag to keep your trinkets! This class is ideal for the baby-new-fresh beginner and those who haven’t sewn in a long time.


The thing about jumpsuits is you feel joyful wearing one! Sew your own with custom fit choices and finishing details. This class is suitable for almost all sewing experience levels, if you have used a machine one time, you can sew your own jumpsuit. Skills you can build up include creating your own bias tape, on seam pockets, patch pockets, elastic casing, hand finishing, and making fit adjustments. The local fabric shop Superbuzzy carries thicker linen fabric or pick a print from the Craftcation fabric wall. If you are purchasing fabric, please buy 3-4 yards of no stretch woven material. Mid-weight linen, cotton blends, and quilting cottons are great choices.

make a statement duster

Create a standout piece for your wardrobe in our hands-on duster sewing session. Learn the art of crafting a stylish duster – whether long or short, it’s your statement to make! Join us for an engaging workshop where you’ll master French seams, work with bias tape, and design a duster that reflects your unique style. Dusters are versatile, adding a vibrant touch or subtle elegance to any outfit. This workshop is your ticket to sewing expertise and fashioning a duster that complements your style effortlessly. Dress it up or down, this versatile piece will be a standout addition to your wardrobe.



Come learn an easy, scrap-friendly way to make quilted items – using the Quilt As You Go (QAYG) technique. In this session we’ll make a placemat as we learn the QAYG technique and you’ll leave the workshop with a one of a kind finished product. Participants will learn how to make a basic log cabin pattern, as well as experiment with some improv sewing. QAYG is a fun technique for using up all those fabric scraps left over from other projects, reducing waste while making useful gifts and home décor items to keep or share! QAYG is a great for folks with all levels of sewing experience – from beginner to expert.

Rainbow Wallhanging - Improv Curves


Come learn an easy, scrap-friendly way to make quilted items – using the Quilt As You Go (QAYG) technique. In this session we’ll make a placemat as we learn the QAYG technique and you’ll leave the workshop with a one of a kind finished product. Participants will learn how to make a basic log cabin pattern, as well as experiment with some improv sewing. QAYG is a fun technique for using up all those fabric scraps left over from other projects, reducing waste while making useful gifts and home décor items to keep or share! QAYG is a great for folks with all levels of sewing experience – from beginner to expert.

Reverse Applique & Free Motion Embroidery

It sounds so scary but it’s not! We’re going to learn how to drop the feed dogs on our sewing machines and do free motion embroidery. Then, through the magic of reverse applique, we’ll cut away parts of our creation to expose a whole other layer of awesomeness! We’re making adorable bandanas or cowls. It’s best if you’ve used a sewing machine before – but if you haven’t – I’ll help you through it!

Sew Your Own Pet Collar & Leash


Do you have cute furry friends in your life? Do those cute furry friends need cute new accessories? Of course they do! Come sew them a custom pet collar and coordinating leash. Multiple sizes available to make, so if possible, knowing the approximate neck measurement of your pet is helpful. Come and make your dog (or even your cat!) fun new accessories.


Join us for some extra studio time to finish projects from your Craftcation sewing classes.

Solee Crop Top Sewing Workshop

“Where did you get that adorable top?” – “I made it myself!”


In this confident-beginner level workshop (please come prepared with basic sewing machine skills!), we will draft and sew the PERFECT size-inclusive summer top: The Solee Crop by Daisy Chain Patterns. We’ll start with some basic measurements to draft our pattern, cut it directly from our fabric (no paper pattern pieces!), and with a few quick seams make MAGIC happen. Sign up for my Thanks, it has pockets! skirt workshop as well and make yourself a matching set!  


Skills required: basic sewing machine skills, using a rotary cutter, sewing straight lines, pressing. 
Skills covered: basic pattern drafting, inserting elastic, finishing seams, and wide hems.

Thanks, it has Pockets! - Draft-your-own skirt sewing workshop

“I love your skirt” – “Thanks, it has pockets!” 


In this confident-beginner level workshop (please come prepared with basic sewing machine skills!), we draft and sew our own custom-fit fathered skirts, with a clever best-of-both-worlds waistband that is smooth on the front and elastic on the back, and, most importantly, POCKETS. We’ll start with some basic measurements to draft our pattern, cut it directly from our fabric (we’ll only need one paper pattern piece), and with a few quick seams make MAGIC happen. Sign up for my Solee crop workshop as well and make yourself a matching set!


Skills required: basic sewing machine skills, using a rotary cutter, sewing straight and curved lines, pressing

Skills covered: basic pattern drafting, gathered seams, in-seam pockets, using interfacing, inserting elastic, finishing seams, and rolled hems.

The Must Have Summer Caftan

Join us for an exclusive sewing workshop dedicated to crafting the perfect summer caftan – the epitome of comfort and style! This versatile garment seamlessly transitions from beachwear to an evening ensemble, effortlessly blending chic and comfort.  In this advanced class, master the art of adding pockets, incorporating drawstrings, sewing slits, and utilizing bias tape to create a caftan that’s both fashionable and functional.


Elevate your sewing skills while fashioning a caftan that embodies easy-breezy elegance. Imagine wearing this versatile piece from a day at the beach to a stylish dinner effortlessly. This summer caftan is designed to fit any occasion, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish wherever you go. Embrace the relaxed yet sophisticated vibe with this wardrobe must-have.

Thrift & Upcycle Workshop

The thrift and upcycle workshop sessions follow the (optional) downtown Ventura thrifting field trip and will be chock full of ideation around what to make. During this field trip, you’ll scour racks for vintage wares and bring them back to salvage and upcycle into brand new pieces for your wardrobe! 


The session will filled with time to remove lace trim, add appliques to the back of jackets, or turn a quilt into a jacket! Everyone will have a blast crowdsourcing ideas from other attendees as this has become the most warm and welcoming place to get creative! The session will be filled with time to remove pom pom trim, add appliques to the back of jackets, or turn a quilt into a jacket! AND attendees are welcome to strut their stuff in the Upcycle Fashion Show!


All levels are welcome as sewing machines, seam rippers, and fabric glue can and will be utilized! 

Totally Fabulous Tote Bag


Make the cutest tote bag complete with inside pocket. Perfect for beginner sewists or those wanting to get more experience with a sewing machine. We’ll be using Spoonflower’s gorgeous prints on canvas to make this lined bag and you can customize strap length and more to suit your own preferences.

photography workshops

The workshops in this category do not require enrollment and are available on a walk-in basis. 

They are still full 2-hour workshops so plan to arrive on time.


Embark on an exciting journey into iPhoneography with Sarah! Learn essential skills like how to see light, how to take a kick ass portrait and the basics of composition. Engage in a fun photo challenge to apply your newfound knowledge. Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary art and unleash your creative potential. Join Sarah’s dynamic class and turn your iPhone into a powerful tool of visual expression!


Do you struggle with what to post on social media and constantly compare your feed to others that you think look prettier and more cohesive? Join us on an outdoor walking tour and learn how to utilize public spaces to capture beautiful and authentic brand photography. You’ll also learn tips & tricks for best lighting, angles and poses, and how to create content that represents your brand and promotes your business in a fun and innovative way.

Photo Walk Through Downtown Ventura

Step away from the Craftcation Hotel Headquarters and join photographer, Sarah Deragon, in Ventura’s Historic Downtown for a super fun photo walk. Sarah will guide you through downtown while teaching you the fundamentals of iPhoneography. You’ll learn skills like how to find cool lighting, what makes a good background and you will have plenty of time to take fun portraits and play. Unleash your creativity, conquer your inner critic, and experience the charm of downtown Ventura!

The Best IPhone Camera Tips & Tricks and How to Make an Instagram Reel

Unlock the creative potential of your iPhone camera in this fun and interactive class! You’ll grasp a better understanding of composition and lighting so you can create beautiful images and videos. You’ll also learn easy tips & tricks on how to make an Instagram Reel and document your time at Craftcation!