october diy and business book club

diy and business book club – october picks from dear handmade life


did you miss our september picks? check out the september titles for the dear handmade life diy and business book club.

my mom loves to tell the story about how i started ‘reading’ before i even had hair. granted i didn’t have a full head of hair until i was four! according to her, my first favorite book was ’twas the night before christmas’ and apparently she would read half of a line and then i would say the rest. maybe i wasn’t reading it, maybe i had memorized it from the hundreds of times i begged her to read it to me before bed. either way, my love of books started early and has never waned. hope you enjoy this month’s picks as much as i enjoyed parroting the poetry of the holidays when i was a bald, precocious toddler.

we’re excited to announce that october’s picks include three books by three of our craftcation 2014 presenters–cathy callahan, diane gilleland and kari chapin.

1. quilting happiness by diane gilleland

2. vintage craft workshop by cathy callahan

3. makers by chris anderson

4. grow your handmade business by kari chapin

-nicole s.

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