joia and lime cocktail recipe

joia and lime cocktail recipe: the perfect drink for making things outdoors


over the past month, our backyard has become the DIY headquarters for projects and decorating for our newest Patchwork event- Patchwork Edible Edition. People have been coming over to paint, glue, thread or build items for the event and engaging in lots of conversations, friend-making and just plain old “making it work” in the outdoor sun.
the weather has been really nice recently, but as some in southern california know- some days have been incredibly hot and even downright nasty!
one weekend in particular, the heat was unbearable- stale air, blazing hot sun and humidity that made me think that we were still back on the 127 yard sale! it was the kind of heat that makes you only think about one thing: blended ice and the tropics.

that’s when it hit me: tropical cocktail!

back at our media mixer for the event, i had tried the full array of Joia sodas at our joia cocktail bar and remembered the pineapple-coconut-nutmeg soda…it was so tropical and light- it immediately took me back to a trip to Hawaii- i could feel the sand on my toes with just a sip….okay, okay… maybe i had more than one.

i have been wanting to make a cocktail from joia’s all natural sodas– the flavors are delightfully complex, but not too overwhelming- a more adult soda without being obnoxious. what better way to make the best of the heat than to make a tropical drink!

JOIA “i need a vacation” quick cocktail

(makes 4 drinks)

what to get:

-3/4 to 1c lime juice
– 2 c ice (it was HOT making this the ice didnt last long, you might need 1c)
-1 bottle (or more) Joia all natural soda “pineapple-coconut-nutmeg” soda
-agave/honey (opt, to taste)
– 4 shots white rum

what to do:

put 4 glasses in the freezer for 20 min
in a blender, add lime juice, rum and ice and agave
blend all until smooth
take out glasses from freezer and divide joia soda evenly to each glass (see image
top with blended mix, stir each glass and serve immediately.

-delilah snell

the joia all natural soda cocktail bat at the patchwork edible media mixer




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