Non Toxic Dyed Wooden Cutting Boards with Walnut Hollow

Charcuterie boards have become SO popular. Especially among my Generation (Millennial), I blame it on growing up on Lunchables. Everytime I host a get-together the charcuterie board is the center of attention. As much as we are all there for the snacks obviously, I also like to have a pretty presentation. I wanted to take the idea of dyeing wood and make it food safe, so I used food coloring for this! I loved how these turned out. This is the perfect project where you can make one for yourself and then make more to give as gifts! And it’s SO easy, let me show you what I did.

What you’ll need:
  • Various Paint Brushes (these should be clean since this will be a food safe surface) I used 3 different size flat brushes
  • Food Coloring- I like the color options in this pack 
  • Non Toxic wood sealer like mineral oil or beeswax. I used this  
  • Natural wood serving boards. Thanks to Walnut Hollow for this one! They also have several other cute serving board options! 
  • Paper cups to mix dye in 
  • Water to mix with food coloring
  • Paper towels for clean up + wiping off sealer


Mix a few drops of food color in with a few drops of water cup of warm water. You will have to play around with the ratio here, it will also depend on your desired shade. Keep in mind that after a few washes the colors will fade. Use your paint brush and start ‘painting’! I kept it more simple with straight-ish lines, also keeping in mind that the wood grain will be visible and depending on how the board is constructed that may affect the way the board absorbs the color. 


Let the board completely dry, I gave it 24 hours. Once it is dry, apply your sealer and let that dry/soak in for another 24 hours. Make sure to wipe away all of the sealer, you can even give your board a wash here. Again, keeping in mind that some of the color will wash away. The last picture shows was it looks like after sealing it and then a quick wash with soap and water.


And you’re done! Start planning your next party or get together to showcase your fun new board! For a gift idea put together a basket containing charcuterie items with the board as the centerpiece!


Nik is a maker, day dreamer & potty mouth who loves cats, coffee and craft beer. She is a self taught hand embroiderer and will DIY pretty much anything she can get her hands on. You can see her work on Instagram  @wastingthyme & @nikvphotography. She lives in Long Beach with her husband and her three awesome cats (that she can’t shut up about).

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