Patchwork Show Sebastopol Fall 2023 – RECAP

When it rains, it pours. What I mean by that is that even when it rains. . . . our community still pours out their support for local makers and enjoys the festival feeling of our events! We partnered with Sebastopol Center for the Arts for this new location in the Santa Rosa area and we had such a great time! They had vendors inside while our vendors were outside. The DJ set the tone for a fun day even in between the rainy bouts.


While some of our vendors could not make it because of the rain, we still had a nearly full event with sunshine peeking through occasionally while the DJ set the tone for upbeat fun.


Some highlights of the event:

Join us this upcoming weekend for our last show of the season at our re-scheduled Tustin show! We’ll see you in Old Town Tustin!


See even more photos of our awesome day in Tustin here.

Photos courtesy of Danette Mitchell.

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