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When I was a teen, I had an entire drawer full of chapstick and lip gloss. Some were flavored, some were not.  My mom would roll her eyes when I had to run back in the house “for a second to grab my lip gloss”, because she knew it was not going to be “just a second”.  As an adult, I still carry at least one lip gloss with me at all times, but my selections have become more limited since I realize that most of what I wear is *probably* being ingested.  Alana’s products really appeal to me because they contain no artificial additives, colors or scents.  And her lotions, cleansers and lip products really look good enough to eat! Meet Alana, and learn a little about her line of products, Etta + Billie.


please introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Alana. I grew up in a tiny town in Northern California but currently live in beautiful San Francisco. I love living in the city and constantly find inspiration in the neighborhoods and cultures that mesh together here. I’m a serious foodie, lover of cocktails, great books, cheesy teen movies, neighborhood walks and fancy donuts.

what do you make or do?

I make organic, sustainable bath and body products. Specifically soap, scrubs, lotions and lip balms.

where can we find your creations?

You can find my creations at my website and my etsy site

how long have you been creating and is it your full-time job?

I’ve been creating since 2006 but didn’t start selling until 2009. I just quit my full-time job at the end of September 2013. It was equal parts terrifying and totally liberating. I still do random work here and there but I have so much more time to focus on my business. I’m already seeing the positive effects on my business. I am currently looking for a production space and am excited about this next step in my business’ growth.

when you’re not making things, what do you do?

When I’m not making things, you can usually find me cooking, reading or hanging out with friends.

what obstacles have you had to overcome to lead a creative life?

I think my biggest obstacle was my own fear. I was scared that I didn’t have the knowledge or experience to make my creative dream a reality. I’ve slowly overcome those fears by trusting my instincts, reading books, attending conferences, surrounding myself with other creative entrepreneurs, building on my experiences and reaching out to mentors. I am so glad I didn’t let my fears stop me.

where do you find inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration from food. Food magazines, meals I’ve experienced and cook books all have wonderful combinations that keep my creative ideas flowing.

if money wasn’t an issue how would your life change with regards to your art?

I think the biggest change would be greater freedom to create new scents and products.

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  1. I love this feature on Alana Rivera! She is such a dear and wonderful lady, and she makes amazing soap. She makes super other stuff too, but the soap is my favorite of all time. Thanks for this inspiring feature on her!

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