Patchwork Show Oakland Fall 2016

Next year will be our 10th anniversary of Patchwork Show. When Delilah and I started Patchwork Show we had no idea that there would be more than one let alone that one little craft show would turn into a real full-time business. We produced the first one because we saw a need for a venue for local makers to sell their goods where they lived as well as for shoppers to have a place to meet the talented creatives in their neighborhood. If I had to choose one word that motivated us in those early days it would be community.

At the first show of our fall season at Patchwork Show Oakland this weekend that same sense of community was in full force! From vendors helping each other out during load-in to all the kids hanging out at our DIY holiday card making station to the excitement I saw on attendees faces… there was an awesome sense of togetherness. We had record breaking crowds too!

Thank you to everyone: our staff behind the scenes and at the event, volunteers, fabulous vendors, all the attendees, sponsors and Jack London Square for making this one of the best Patchwork Show’s in Oakland that we’ve ever had! Can’t wait to hang out with our Bay Area friends at our next Oakland show in the spring.

If you’re in Southern California be sure to check out our last two fall shows of 2016:

Long Beach: November 13, 2016 – Marine Stadium – Appian Way @ Bayshore – Long Beach, California

Santa Ana: November 27, 2016 – Downtown – 2nd at Sycamore Street – Santa Ana, California

-Nicole S.



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