PODCAST 120: Thinking like a CEO with Ana Manzano

“My dad is a buddhist, barber, biker, the unofficial family philosopher, the best advice giver and my favorite person on the planet to have a deep talk with. Generally our deep talks fall into two categories.

  1. Relationships: a lot of marriage stuff but also tons about navigating the world with all the good and bad childhood drama and trauma baggage
  2. Business: He’s owned his own barber shops since he was fresh out of barber school in his early 20s. He’s a hustler and he taught me to be a hustler too.

One day, many years ago I was overwhelmed with my business and complaining about how overworked I was.

“Do you think Lee Iacocca is out on the assembly line putting cars together? You need to think like a CEO not like an employee!”, he said.

Ever since that conversation, I’ve looked at my business differently. Have I always run my businesses like a CEO from that moment? NO, it’s been hard to let go of a mindset that I’ve had my whole life! BUT, I’m always working on thinking like a CEO.

If you’re stuck in the mindset that I was in and you’re ready to let go of the “I can do everything myself/being your own boss means being busy all the time” mindset, then you should tune in to today’s podcast episode because I’m chatting with our guest Ana of Go Forth and Hustle about the CEO mindset and thinking and acting like the badass boss that you are.

P.S. – Ana is teaching a class on scaling your business at the Camp Dear Handmade Life Virtual Summit this summer.


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