PODCAST 125: Discover Your Purpose with Quinn Tempest

While the other girls in junior high were planning out their future weddings and gushing after heartthrobs in Tiger Beat, I was hanging out in my room which I had decorated with second-hand finds from garage sales and thrift shops (this was not cool back then), listening to Nina Simone, and burning incense and writing poetry about those big life questions that none of my friends were thinking about – or at least we didn’t talk about it with each other.

You know, questions like: What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? What am I going to be when I grow up? What’s my purpose?

I really thought that one day I’d know the answers to all of these questions, and then I’d be an adult. Because I actually thought that adults knew the answers to all of these questions and that some magical experience would reveal all of this to you in adulthood. Little did I know that the adults in my life were just as lost as I was. They were still asking these same questions, only now they were asking them in addition to a bunch of other practical ones, like how am I going to pay the mortgage this month or what’s for dinner?

Even if you weren’t a strange, somewhat pretentious, artsy kid like I was, I can almost guarantee that you asked yourself at some point in your life: What’s my purpose?

Our guest today on DHLTV and our podcast Quinn Tempest specializes in helping people answer this question. Quinn and I talk about the distinction between finding and creating your purpose, how to analyze opportunities to make sure they align with your “why,” the first steps to uncovering your purpose, how to unearth and distill your unique story, and more.

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