Podcast 133: Find Your Focus, Goal-Get & Grow Your Business

Podcast 133
"if like me you've been more focused on survival mode these past few years I really want to help you ease back into being a goal-setting and goal-getting badass"

When I started my first business selling my artwork, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I wanted to pay my bills with my creativity and then I kinda flew by the seat of my pants, saying yes to every opportunity that came my way until I got more experienced and had the privilege to say no. My goals were short term back then. It wasn’t until later that I started really thinking about what I wanted on top of just paying my bills and what I wanted my business to look like now and in the future.

It wasn’t until I started doing that big dreaming and proactive goal-setting that I started REALLY growing my business.

It took me a while go from being a struggling creative business owner whose bank account was often overdrawn and who was embroiled in reactive work to running Dear Handmade Life a multi-six-figure business where I get to help other creatives uncover and get their goals.

How’d I do it? It’s all about goal-setting, mindset work and taking planned actions. I’m sharing four of my secrets that helped me go from dream to done in this episode of our podcast.

P.S. Enrollment opens soon for The Club, our Members-Only community for creatives and passionate small business owners to get the tools, mindset, accountability and support to take your next big leap. Membership only opens a few times a year and our next enrollment period is February 1-15, 2022. You can join the waiting list at https://dearhandmadelife.com/theclub/

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