How to Sew a Modern Fanny Pack

how-to-make-a-modern-fanny-pack-dear-handmade-lifeI was not a fan of fanny packs the first time they came around in the 1980s. Back then fanny packs were generally a telltale sign of someone who didn’t dress cool. They were reserved for tourists, older people or people who put function above fashion. Fast forward 20 years later and fanny packs have evolved from their former state of dorkiness into a something that’s functional and cute.

I first started noticing the fanny pack transformation while going through vendor applications for our Patchwork Show: Modern Makers Festival a few years ago. These ones were nothing like the ones I remembered making fun of in my childhood. These fanny packs featured modern fabrics and looked more like tiny aprons than small backpacks.

Since I finally let go of my fear of fanny packs, I thought it was time to make my own. Mine is a cross between a fanny pack and an apron with an inner pocket. It’s perfect for craft show vendors who want to keep their money and cell phone close but I use it when I go to the farmers market, outdoor festivals and on my morning walk so I’m not weighed down by a purse or tote and my hands are free. There’s plenty of space for my cell phone, keys and wallet and you can even make it a bit larger or smaller depending on what you’re putting in it.

Check out the full tutorial and step-by-step photos and Bernina’s We All Sew blog.

-Nicole S.



  1. What are the best materials to use for this project? I want something somewhat substantial but still use a cute fabric. Any thoughts?

    1. I used a simple cotton fabric. You can also iron some interfacing onto the back to make it a bit more sturdy. I think denim or a medium weight canvas would be cute as well and you could do the straps or add appliqués in a printed fabric to add some adorableness 🙂

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