Maker: Michelle of Blonde Peacock

I’ve recently seen the passion of photography being developed in my oldest daughter, and I’ve enjoyed watching her refine her art as she photographs and makes things with her prints.  Michelle’s technique of printing her photographs on textiles is something…

Book Club

November DIY and business book club 2016

Ok.  So It’s November.  Which means, that subconsciously, I’m already looking for gifts for my family and friends.  It’s crazy, I know.  I haven’t even brushed the leftover sugar off my teeth from Halloween, and I’m already trying to figure…


Maker: Shan of Passport to Paper

One of my favorite questions to ask makers is how they came upon their business name.  I love the story behind their journey in choosing the words that they will sell their items under.  Shan’s answer is so spot on,…


Maker: Rhonda of Giraffe and Me

Rhonda is rocking the maker scene.  She can make anything, and she does.  I really enjoyed learning about her history as she dabbled in all sorts of crafty endeavors. Meet Rhonda and check out her creations! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself….


Maker: Erin Vaughan

Erin has some really good advice for other makers out there. She jumped right in to the maker world, and is here to share her story with you. Meet Erin! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself. I’m Erin Vaughan, a freelance illustrator…


Maker: Marina of Pliers & String

I absolutely LOVE how Marina of Pliers & String decided upon her business name. Something in her decision making criteria really resonates with me.  Meet Marina and go online to check out her crafts! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself.  Hello! My…


Maker: Adrienne of Frolick

Adrienne is a lady of many hats. She’s got her hands in all aspects of the maker world.  Meet Adrienne of Frolick, and check out her creations! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself.  My name is Adrienne Wiley and I’m originally from…